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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 30/8/16

1.cliff Martinez-“dont forget me when youre famous”(from the neon demon film soundtrack)

2.k.leimer-“stationary image”

3.marielle v jakobsons-“white sparks”

4.peter zummo-“the tape is chill”

5.gilli smyth-“prostitute poem,street version”

6.the seshen-“distant heart”

7.the field-“reflecting lights”(kaytlin Aurelia smith mix)

8.floating points-“for marmish pt.2”

9.thom sonny green-“system”

10.ryley walker-“funny thing she said”

11.michael kiwanuka-“love&hate”

12.the album leaf-“new soul”

13.dave berry-“this strange effect”(a ray davies cover)

14.cass mccombs-“laughter is the best medicine”

15.rival consoles-“what sorrow”

16.melanie-“bobo`s party”

17.judy Henske&jerry yester-“three ravens”

18.portable/alan Abrahams-“your warrior”feat.kinoo, aletchko&Johannes schön

19.william bell-“born under a bad sign”

20.mother earth-“down so low”

21.james carr-“at the dark end of the street”

22.leela james-“my joy”

23.de la soul-“train wreck”

24.dennis bovell-« escape goat dub »

25.the grinders-“liar liar” feat. Keith leblanc(jungle version)

26.dj net-“judge not”(janette pitruzzello&Maurice fulton)

27.blood orange-“I know”

28.beyond the wizards sleeve-“creation”

29.public service broadcasting-“dig for victory”



32.mueller&roedelius-“about tape”(feat. Brian eno)(peter kruder rmx)

33.john Roberts-“gum”

34.jean-claude vannier-“la giraffe au ballon”

35.gerhard heinz-« svenska disco machine »

36.add n to(x)-„the poker roll“

37.it`s a fine line-“1880”

38.the avalanches-“subways”

39.weval-“I don`t need it”

40.moby grape-“Omaha”

41.thee oh sees-“jammed entrance”

42.red axes-“camirho de dreyfus”(instr.)

43.treasure-« deep lips »

44.the chemical brothers-« hanna`s theme” feat. Stephanie dosen( from hanna the orig, motion picture soundtrack)

45.units-“more alike”

46.secret knowledge-“sugar daddy”(john digweed&nick muir rmx)

47.shaky j-“ya bumba(deep thoughts about feelings)