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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 30/07/2019

1.sommet-“western cwn”
2.erik wollo-“the near future”
4.avina Vishnu(aina&heinrich mueller)-„transforma“( c/8)
5.samy birnbach&benjamin lew-„little birds sit on your shoulder”
6.amon tobin-“heart of the sun”
7.bridget st.john-“fly”(a nick drake cover)
8.nick mackrory&harry collier-“ell edit”(seahawks rmx)
9.stellar om source-“grace 2”
10.tourist kid-“know”
11.the swan and the lake-“son shine”
12.samy Birnbach-“rotze liot at”
14.coyote-“keep talking”
15.brigitte fontaine&areski belkacem-“personne”
16.richard Hawley-“not lonely”
17.peter cat recording co-“married”
18.cosmo vitelli-“a brand new city”
19.vanishing twin-“krk(at home in strange places)”
20.dug dealer-“suddenly” feat. Weyes blood
21.bernard estardy-“telephone 75”
22.normil Hawaiians-“the big lie”
23.beak-“ we can go”
24.dr. olive-“swing song”
26.robag wruhme-“bezioue atout”- oxia(domino)
27.anatolian weapons feat. Seirios savvaidis-“chaire eos”
28.nusrat fateh ali khan&Michael brook-“crest”
29.thom yorke-“impossible knots”
30.tycho-“no stress”
31.shag-“know the feelin”
32.flying lotus feat. Anderson paak-“more”
33.daniel bacalow-“le anime dei ladri »
34.lee scratch perry-« cricket on the moon”
35.bbc (aka steve cobby)-“quality weed rmx”
36.peaking lights-“shift your mind”
38.prince-“manic Monday”
40.yogo-“reve de star”(i-cube dreaming edit)
41.normal brain-“m-u-s-i-c”
42.algebra suicide-“horizon”
43.dennis young(ex- liquid liquid)-“big mouth”
44.pink industry-“taddy up”
46.ride-“clouds of saint marie”
47.fujiya&miyagi-“fear of missing out”
48.andre bratten-“pax Americana”
50.floating points-“les alpx”