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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 30/01/2018

2.pauline anna strom-“rain on ancient quays”
3.biosphere-“black messa”(feat. Joan lorring&leslie howard)
4.penguin café orchestra-“red shorts”
5.tom Rogerson with brian eno-“rest”
6.cornelius-“the spell of a vanishing loveliness”
7.dub tractor-“wow”
8.kaito-“travelled between souls”
9.the swan and the lake-“fresh food”
10.the salt garden 2-“all those signs”
11.peter hammill-“on deaf ears”
12.the lost brothers-“halfway towards a healing”
13.egyptology-“wunder der schöfung”
14.the liminanas-“le premier jour”
15.francoise hardy-“reve “
16.forever pavot-“la pantoufle est dans les puits”
17.visible cloaks-« keys »
18.der plan-« chroma »
19.lee hazlewood-“stoned lost child”
20.harvey mandel-“the snake”
21.alan Wilson aka blind owl Wilson-“time was”
22.rahsaan roland kirk-“black root”
23.doug carn-“chant”
24.pastor t.l barrett&the youth for Christ choir sings-“ever since”
25.the temptations-“super star(remember how you got where you are)”
26.dye-“emo machine”(feat. Mark kerr)
27.smagghe&cross-„in the morning“(mix by pilooski)
28.andrew weatherall-“between stations”
29.prins Thomas-A(pional piano rmx)
30.the blue orchids-“out of sight”
31.the mandrake memorial-“the 12th brigade”
33.buffy sainte –marie-“starwalker”
34.guy and david-the five day week straw people-“Sunday morning”
35.rupert s people-“I can show you”
36.michael bundt-“ the brain of oskar panizza”
37.alan vega-“motorcycle explodes”
38.king gizzard&the lizard lizard-“the fourth colour”
39.the belbury circle feat. John foxx-“forgotten town”
40.the golden filter-“end of times”
41.jean conflict-“special guest”
42.fortis-“mador fyot”
43.red axes-“kalacol” feat. Yuli vainshtein
44.taxi girl-“s.o.s mannekin”
45.siglo xx-“dreams of pleasure”
46.red zebra-“lust”
47.eisbar-“the so long” gemini”