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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 29/11/2016

1.anthony child-“super sacred Sunday”
2.pinkcourtesyphone-“reference point intermission 1”
4.seahawks-“sky phase”
5.gordon-“earth,ground and fields”
6.documenta-“love as a ghost”(prod. By david holmes)
8.john cravache-“les voies naturelles”
9.the orb-« elms over river eno(channel 9) »
10.tom rush-“old man s song”
11.massive attack feat.hope sandeval-“the spoils”
12.geinoh yamashirogumi-“dark slumber”
13.le tom mite-“petit jean”
14.julien gasc-« pas »
15.jeffery liberman-« dreamin sailor »
16.lush-« rosebud »
17.yello-starlight scene”
19.franck ocean-„godspeed“
20.the new rotary connection-„hanging round the bee tree“ mixed with five deez-„wow“(instr.)
21.lambchop-“old masters”
22.mecano-“sentimental strut blues”
23.rag nbone man-“rain”feat.kate tempest
24.a tribe called Quest-“we the people…”
25.run the jewels-“talk to me”
26.james carr-“a losing game”
27.romare-“don t stop”
28.youandewan-“4D anxiety”
29.dan lacksman-“love you everyday”
30.illum sphere-“fuel the fire”
31.arthur brown&craig leon-“morning was cold”
32.ulrich schnauss-“negative sunrise”
33.african headcharge-“doctor find”
35.roman flügel-“nameless lake”
36.anna merdith-“last rose”
37.silver apples-“you and I”
38.camberwell now-“working nights”
39.in fields-“this time” feat. Brisa roche`
41.pink floyd-« jugband blues »
42.louise-« look at the sun »
43.king dude-“I wanna die at 69”
44.thee oh sees-“the poem”
46.toy-“clear shot”
47.kas product-“mind”
48.the pop group-“heaven”
49.the gods themselves-“be my animal”
50.kdms-“all the glows”
51.m.a.n.d.y feat. Bam-“whisper”(extended mix)