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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 29/09/15

1.john beltran-“a childs place”
2.ben Salisbury&Geoff barrow-“the test worked”(from ex-machina motion soundtrack)
4.ulysses-“mandarin rabbit(la Guardia)”
5.df tram-“fox fur”
6.flako-“golden high”
7.tuxedomoon&cult with no name-“don”(from the film blue velvet revisited)
8.lana del Rey-“high by the beach”
re blue I’m blue”
11.glen Hansard-“mc Cormacks wall”
12.w.l-“stranglers”(Moscoman edit)
13.gacha-“send two sunsets”
14.eskmo-“the sun is a drum”
15.p’cock-“telephone song”
16.werkha-“falling through the wall(jonny faith rmx)
17.jerusalem in my heart-“7ebr EL zoyoun(ink of the eyes)”
18.psychic tv-“snakes”
19.the arcs-“velvet ditch”
20.silicone-“god emoji”
21.youth lagoon-“the knower”
22.maia vidal-“Jell-O”
23.lizzy mercier descloux-“hard boil babe”
24.richard Hawley-“heart of oak”
25.deft feat. Om mas Keith-“let
s hook up”(absolut rmx by Neil landstrom)
26.the beatles-“only a northern song”
27.saybia-“black hole”
28.the twilight sad-“I could give you all that you dont want”
29.foals-“mountain at my gates”
30.roots manuva-“don
t breathe out”(radio edit)
31.public enemy-“man plans god laughs”
32.the isley brothers-“listen to the music”
33.bachar mar-khalife-“balcoon”
34.les troubadours-“ballade de polly maggoo”(de bande originale du film/musique de Michel legrand)
35.colombey-« j
ai tout oublie»
36.philippe nicaud-« cuisses nues,bottes de cuir »
37.polly maggoo jingle
38.messieurs richard de bordeaux&daniel beretta-« la drogue »
39.the max-« maharajah »
s children-« long years in space »
41.marcus-“locked inside a world”
42.redbone-“chant:13th hour”
43.serpent power-“vampire for your love”
45.p.i.l-“whole life time”
46.the webboes-“under the wear”
48.jollyy jams-“conor”12”
49.waffles-a side
50.la de`cadanse-“ruin”(zongamin rmx)
51.syntax erik-« i can feel you »