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Lysergic Factory – 29/03/16

1.red stars over Tokyo-“shooting living targets”

2.harald björk-“summer anthem”

3.tempelhof&gigi masin-“the flying man”

4.the loved drones-“drone alone-crimson skies”

5.john carpenter- from” sentinel returns”(original video game soundtrack)

6.andrew weatherall-“thirteenth night”

7.peggy lee-“oh, didn’t he ramble”


9.the dandelion set(glyn bush&co)-“pristine strawberry girl”

10.moby-“chord sounds”

11.pointe du lac-“echo”

12.unloved-“forever unloved”

13.thundercat-“hard times”

14.23 skidoo-“dawning(version)”

15.dj krush-“nostalgia”

16.francoise hardy-“message personnel”

17.Lnzndrf-“monument »

18.bar-« dexy`s alrobe »(orson rmx)

19.alan vega,alex chilton,ben Vaughn-“come on lord”

20.randweg-“wokules walzer”

21.nonkeen-“chasing god through palmyra”

22.oum shatt-“power to the woman(Arabic version)”

23.a tribe called quest-“can I kick it?”

24.massive attack feat. Roots manuva-“dead editors”

25.repeated viewing/alan Sinclair-“the creator”(from the three sisters movie soundtrack)

26.the nice-“the thoughts of emerlist davjack”

27.barry adamson-“cine city”

28.evangelist,gavin clark&toydrum-“I wanna lift you up”

29.veronique vincent&aksak maboul-“i`m always crying”(reworked by lena willikens)

30.cavern of anti matter( a new band of tim gane(ex-stereolab)-“melody in high feedback tones”

31.connie price&the keystones-“sticks dub”

32.essaie pas-“le port du masque est de rigueur »

33.anchorsong-« oriental suite »(alternate version)

34.oma nota-« sozinho »

35.underworld-« exhale »

36.the last shadow puppets-“aviation”

37.the electric prunes-“shadows”

38.the mickey finn-“garden of my mind”


40.the oscillation-“let it be the end”

41.primal scream-“100% or nothing”

42.the weirdos-“a life of crime”

43.burning phlogm(aka soulwax)-“nothing”

44.aladdin-“girls in uniform”(orig. mix)

45.radion-“allee der kosmonauten”(orig.)

46.tenderlonious-„all your way“

47.fango/tuono remixed-“saetta”(prins Thomas rmx).