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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory 29/01/2019

1.red stars cpr-“cedar”
2.janek Schaefer(for Robert wyatt)-“round in circles”
3.carmen villain-“safe”(from the movement of the free spirit comp. mixed by prins Thomas)
4.chris carter-“tvx”
5.the swan and the lake-“christmas over hvidovre”
6.cats eyes-“evelyn`s birthday”(from the duke of burgundy)
7.sophia loizou-“shadows of futurity”
8.takashi kokubu-“a dream sails out to sea-scene3”
9.penelope trappes-“nite hive”
10.max würden feat.luis reichard-“zweitens”
11.pyrit-„time for wind“
12.jacco gardner-„rain“
13.scott Gilmore-“of places read”
14.glen hansard-“shadows and light”(a joni Mitchell cover)
15.curt boettcher-“another time”
16.nick nicely-“the other side”
17.philippe cohen solal-“harmonie du soir”
18.noel harrison-« the windmills of your mind”(homage to Michael Legrand r.i.p)
19.throbbing gristle-“the worm waits its turn”
20.the residents-“endless and deep”
21.the marmalade-“reflections of my life”(homage to dean ford r.i.p)
22.panda bear-“dolphin”
23.bill ryder-jones-“dont be scared,i love you”
24.insecure men-“madame George”(van Morrison cover)
25.nick nicely-“all along the watchtower”(a bob Dylan cover)
26.gudrun gut-“boys keep swinging”(a bowie cover)
27.alexander spence-“war in peace”(alternate)
28.nightmares on wax-“good ship” feat. Steve spacek
29.kikagaku moyo-“dune”
31.animanz and Juanita euka-“them changes”(magic drums orchestra rmx)
32.anchorsong-“rasguedo”(sandunes rmx)
33.the twilight sad-“shooting dennis hopper shooting”
34.lucie cries-“lost du silence”
35.the chemistry set-« firefly »
36.the liminanas-« angels and devils »(echo&the bunny man cover)
38.the claypool lennon delirium-“blood and rockets:movement 1.saga of jack parsons-movement ii:too the moon”
39.the blue nile-“tinseltown in the rain”
40.robert rental-big day”
41.mark stewart&the mafia-“vision”
42.sleaford mods-“subtraction”
43.finlay Shakespeare-“lulea`”
44.andreas dorau&die marinas-“fred von Jupiter”
45.red axes-“sound test”
46.legion of two-“legion of two”
47.chris carter-“tones map”(chris liebing slow rmx)
48.forest mighty black-“fresh in my mind”(I cube rmx)