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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 28/10/2014

1.lowhitey-“when you have so much love to give”.2.jozef van wissem feat.yasmine hamdan-“invocation of the spirit spell”.3.bing&ruth-“reflector”.4.locust-“downlands”.5.mark lanegan band-“I am the wolf”.6.daniel lanois-“Iceland”.7.kindness-“it`ll be ok”.8.jack bruce-“the consul at sunset”9.moderat-“bad kingdom”(dk koze rmx).10.red snapper-“mambety”.

11.melanie de biasio-“no deal”.12.terry reid-“milestones”.13.the heliocentrics&Melvin van peebles-“big bang reincarnation”.14.zammuto-“good eiraces”.15.coldname-“cut you”.16.the barr brothers-“let there be horses”.17.foxygen-“flowers”.18.dorian concept-“tried(now tired).19.chapelier fou-“tickling time”.20.session victim-“hyuwee”.

21.gilmer galibard-“point of entry”.22.caribou-“back home”.23.trans am-“I’ll never”.24.matias Aguayo-“run away from the sun”.25.scott walker+sunn-“brando”.26.veronique vincent&aksak maboul-“je pleure tout le temps”.27.john Callaghan-“once more with feeling”.28.flying lotus-“dead man`s tetris”.29.lee scratch perry-“Rastafari on wall street”.30. deadbeat&paul st hilaire-“under cover”

31.Idioma-“pandore”(tim paris rmx).32.elmer gantry’s velvet opera-“long nights of summer”.33.the brigade-“as a boy”.34.jack nitzsche-“one flew over the cuckoo’s nest”.35.tom dae turned on-“I shall walk”.36.the electric prunes-“hideaway”.37.the liminanas-“la fille de la ligne 15”.38.thurston moore-“vocabularies”.39.pere ubu-“Irene”.40.the pop group-“words disobey me”.

41.warpaint-“disco/very”( the time and space machine rmx).42.the meteors-“cha no yu”.43.john foxx&steve d’agostino-“momentary miracles”.44.c.a.r-“idle eyes”(roman flügel rmx).45.d.c sales-“don’t be scared”(boot&tax rmx).46.laid back-“fuck”(the Kenneth bager experience rmx).47.danton eeprom-“hex tape”( Xavier leblanc rmx) feat. Emma darling.