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Lysergic Factory – 28/06/16

1.murcof&wagner-“gnossienne 3”(wagner version)(erik satie cover)

2.spencer Nilsen`s”ecco the dolphin” track 12(from the original sega game soundtrack)

3.mark Pritchard-“ems”

4.ennio Morricone-“la spiaggia”(from the original film soundtrack of veruschka)

5.alejandro jodorowsky,r.frangipane&don cherry-“mattresses,masks&pearls”(from the original movie soundtrack of the holy mountain)

6.the tree people-“rain,rain”

7.sandy denny-“moments”(acoustic)

8.james blake-“timeless”

9.anohni(aka anthony)-“drone bomb me”

10.craig Armstrong-“this love” feat. Elizabeth fraser

11.kutiman-“dangerous”feat. Adam scheflan

12.afterlife-“la torre”

13.minor victories-“for you always”

14.yul-“escape”(in close rmx)

15.family fodder-“good times underwater”

16.higher authorities-“another time, another place”

17.julien gasc-“la fin de la guerre”(visitor mix by dorian pimpernel)

18.james k.-« jell i sy »

19.magical ring-“light flight”

20.repeated viewing/alan Sinclair-“three sisters”(main title)(from the original film soundtrack)

21.condor gruppe-“chant”(a tribute to moondog)

22.wild man fischer-“an excerpt from the taster”

23.the residents-“santa dog…78”


25.bachar mar-khalife-“lemon”(Mahmoud refat rmx)

26.fuma capreta-“espelhos tundidos”

27.lee scratch perry-“black ark vampiers”(bass steppers mix)

28.kaytranada-“bullets” feat. Little dragon

29.pantha du prince-“islands in the sky”feat. Bendik hk

30.boris bergman-“ten fais pas jeune homme tes simplement en train de mourir »

31.jimi hendrix-« 1983(a merman i should turn to be)

32.kim fowley-“strangers from the sky”

33.the Jarvis street revue-“tambourine”

34.the social outcasts-“mad”

35.the glass family-“the means”

36.stone garden-“the world is coming to an end”

37.black mountain-“crucify me”

38.wire-“nocturnal Koreans”

39.c.a.r vs red axes-“2040”

40.pink industry-“ I wish”

41.akan-“out of the game”

42.golden bug-“accroche a moi”feat. Julienne dessagne

43.cabaret voltaire-« doom zoom »

44.fred und luna-« monotonikum »

45.elijah simmons-« migdal david »

46.gipsy family-« systems »


48.andrew claristidge-“silver horse”(automat rmx)