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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 28/08/2018

1.loke rahbek&Frederik valentin-“a million coloured fish”
2.varg-“archive 2/dm excerpts between@skaellpton&@chloewise”feat.chloe wise&matti bye
3.roger eno-“velvet minute”
4.pieter nooten-“epicural”
5.paul de jong-“doings”
6.bobby beausoleil-“the subterranean path”
7.van Morrison-“slim slow slider”
8.ned collette-“carriage six”
9.tunng-“like water”
10.the residents-“boo who?”(cult with no name version)
11.laraaji-“great bells in the morning”
12.bugge wesseltoft&prins Thomas-“norte do brasil”
13.te amir-“all that you need” feat. Dustin warren
14.the amorphous androgynous-“galaxial pharmaceutical”
15.nightfall in camp-“cada dia”
16.lee hazlewood-“T.O.M.(the old man)”
17.don the tiger-“taxi”
18.rainbirds-“wind was playing with my hair”(ulrich schnauss&mark peters rmx)
19.friends from ross-“family portrait”
20.fairport convention “si tu dois partir”( a cover of a bob Dylan-« if you gotta go,go now »)
21.beak-“sex music”
22.station 17&herald grosskopf&Eberhard kranemann-“ein knall”
23.aretha franklin-„tracks of my tears“(a smoky Robinson cover)
24.marvin guye-“sexual healing”(snbrn rmx)
25.chris liebing-“polished chrome(the friend pt.1)”feat. Gary numan
26.bjorn torsk -“dalen”
27.public service broadcasting-“they gave me a lamp”(plaid rmx)
28.gorillaz-“magic city”
29.dj koze-“pick up”
30.thomas fehlmann-“window”
31.the leopards-“mah mah chicken pot pie”
32.cometa music hall-“cometa music hall”
33.coil-“blue rats”
34.nova materia-“kora kora”
35.DAF-“als war s das letzte mal”(boys noise rmx)
36.esplendor geometrico-„moscu esta helado“
37.johnny thunders-“you can t put your arms round a memory”
38.family-“burlesque”(Ashley beedle re-edit)
39.the slaves-“panic & get out of my way”
41.zuider zee-“old”(single edit)
42.babils-“c est la raison pour laquelle nous ne cesserons jamais de recommencer”
43.autarkic-« bongos&tambourines »(simple symmetry rmx)
44.dj hell-“wir reiten durch die nacht”(adriatique rmx)
45.waffles- « 5 »
46.carl craig-« the melody(henrik schwarz rmx) »