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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 28/05/2019

1.five seasons-“esperanza”
2.denis frajerman-“connect nothing with nothing” feat. Susannah rooke (extract from t.s eliots the waste land)
3.abu talib(bobby wright)-“blood of an American”
4.amon tobin-“pale forms run by”
5.luke abbott-“island”
6.eight miles high-“art gallery”
7.hunter complex-“white sunlight”
8.the future eve feat.robert wyatt-“04.08”
9.bark psychosis-“blood rush”
10.deadbeat&camara-“i m so lonesome I could cry”(a hank Williams cover)
11.susanna&the brotherhood of our lady-“by earth and starry heaven”
12.the durutti column-“the truth”
13.king crimson-“cadence and cascade”(live)
14.roy harper-“freak suite”
15.frangie-“opak intro”
16.com truise-“ultrafiche of you”
17.rone feat.melissa laveaux-“golden solitude”
18.bola-« waknuts »
19.tom nehls-« the people in the forest »
20.aldous harding-“heaven is empty”
21.glen hansard-“who s gonna be your baby now”
22.craig leon-“standing crosswise in the square”
23.death and vanilla-“let s never leave here”
24.denise Sherwood-“ghost heart”
25.flying lotus-“burning down the house”feat.george Clinton
26.anderson paak-“jet black” feat. Brandy
27.chris forsyth-“(livin on)cubist time”
29.samy Birnbach-“karev yom”
31.the comet is coming-“summon the fire”
32.matias Aguayo-“support alien invasion”
33.prins Thomas-“urmannen”
34.weyes blood-“everyday”
36.fat white family-“kim s sunsets”
37.ritual howls-“alone together”
38.the chemical brothers-“no geography”
39.gang of four-“toreador”
40.peter parrett-“once is enough”
41.water knives-“telstar(the tornados remodeling cover)”
42.one of hours-“sweet dragonfly”
43.the mystery lights-“wish that she d come back”
44.fontaines D.C-“sha sha sha”
45.king gizzard and the lizard wizard-“cyboogie”
47.blitzzega-“llona marchesi”