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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 28/01/2020

1.nils frahm-“talisman”
2.max würden-“diminish”
3.ennio Morricone-“momento extremoi”
4.aleceo-“musica medicina” feat.drevo
5.mickey newbury-“goodnight”
6.bill fay-“salt of the earth”
7.teebs-“atoms song” feat.thomas stankiewicz
8.chromatics-“the sound of silence”(a simon&Garfunkel cover)
9.m83-“ a word of wisdom”
10.nicolas godin( from air)-“time on my hands”
11.people like us-“the mirror”
12.matching mole-“instant pussy”(live at the bbc 72)
13.john beltram-“it`s because of her”
14.404-“mos entka”
15.antoine kogut-“coquillage argente”
16.oliver doerell-“Helga”
17.alice boman-“don`t forget about me”
18.ray whitley/curt boettcher project)-“Lorraine”
20.daniel lopatin-“fuck you howard”
21.gil scott heron-“where did the night go”(makayu craven mix)
22.flying lotus-“black balloons reprise” feat.denzel curry
23.dj shadow feat nas-“systematic”
24.lp/laura peegolizzi-“lost on you”
25.pictish trail-“turning back”
26.polyrock-“you dragging feet”(from beauty now for the future compilation)
27.jon Hopkins&Kelly lee owens-“luminous spaces”
28.Anna merdith-“ribbons”
29.hypno love-“climex”
30.lee scratch perry-“here come the warm dread” with brian eno
31.prince fatty-“”two timer” feat.cornel Campbell&tippa irie
32.the tamlins-“go away dream”
33.warnduscher-“burner” feat. Kool keith
34.brigitte fontaine-“j`irai pas”
35.kenneth bager-“stones and steel” feat.findlay brown
36.sudan archives-“glorious”
37.David byrne-“zimbra”(from on Broadway American utopia show live)
38.las kellies- closer”
39.uzun havalar-“adieu”
40.wire-“primed and ready”
41.the prefects-“escort girls”
42.delta 5-“you”
43.algebra suicide-“connaisseurs of lightning”
44.karl fialka-« armband »
45.u-bahn-« unlucky draw »
46.stephen mallinder-« prefixrepeat rewind »
47.arthur russell-« i kissed the girl from outer space”
48.holy fuck-“endless”
49.doric-“never ends”
50.van kay&ignit-“the heat”
51.nolan potter`s nightmare band-“singing single song of satan”
52.dukes of stratosphere-“your gold dress”
53.the claypool lennon delirium-“the monolith phobos”
54.salto hoduras-“botonada”