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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 27/10/2016

1.kaitlyn Aurelia smith&Suzanne ciani-“closed circuit”
3.fin2limb-“naked sun” feat.sleeper train
4.hector zazou feat. Bony bikaye-“chanson bongolaise/bongolese song”
5.mndsgn-“guess its all over”
6.the everly brothers-“I wonder if I care as much”
7.nick cave-“girl in amber”
8.manu deago-“ a step” feat.pete josef
9.cass mccombs-“i
m a shoe”
10.hector zazou-“vera c.”
11.john surman-“a fitting epitaph”
12.thom sonny green-“beach”
13.miha kralj-“juh-hu”
14.grumbling fur-“perfect reader”
15.judy Henske&jerry yester-“charity”
16.johnny flash and the flames-“chocolate wings”
17.band apart-“jaguar”
18.daevid allen weird quartet-“imagicknation”
19.the album leaf-„false dawn“
20.mass digital-“the magic in your eyes”
21.la femme-“tueur de fleurs”
22.trentemoller-« spinning »
23.silver apples-« the edge of wander »
25.jp moregun-“coming back”feat.niki randa
26.blood orange-“thank you”
27.beach boys vs. j.dilla-“god only knows”
28.de la soul-“pain” feat. Snoop dogg
29.amy winehouse-« all my loving »(a beatles cover)
30.portable-“closer” feat. Knox chandler
31.fred und luna-“im klanggarten”(prins Thomas rmx)
32.rex the dog-“teufelsberg”
33.bjorn torske-“12”(orig.)
34.mugwump-“voetbalknieen”(fabrizio mammarella rmx)
35.the pop group-“zipperface”
36.moaning cities-“yell-oh-behn”
37.the veils-“ a bit on the side”
38.mad river-“amphetamine gazelle”
39.the groundhogs-“cherry red”
40.the rolling stones-“Tallahassee lassie”
41.gang of four-“what we all want”
44.pepe bradock-“boom boom crash”
45.christian prommer-„tin man“ feat. Adriano prestel
46.ayowa-“sommer”(Oscar bandersen rmx)