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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 27/10/15

1.king midas sound&fennesz-“our love”

2.tuxedomoon&cult with no name-“Jeffrey nothing”

3.bachar mar-khalife-“ya balad”


5.synkro-“your heart”


7..55 cancric-“belsebubs törar”(del2)(orig. mix)

8.anzano-“movements 2”

9.chris forsyth&koen kollkamp-“long beach idyll”

10.donato dozzy-“exit the acropolis”

11.different fountains-“river change”

12.richard Hawley-“serenade of blue”

13.gacha-“let me love you till the morning comes”

14.carter tutti void-“f=(2.6)”

15.bernard fevre-“central way”

16.cubenx-“banquet”feat.pris wayland


18.lana del rey-“religion”

19.gong-“the pot head pixies”

20.family fodder-“film music”

21.mark van hoen(aka locust)-“I love to fly”


23.barbara Morgenstern with Robert lippok&Justus köhncke-“über morgen”

24.leo abrahams-„into the wild“



27.twice a man-“black”(alien wave form extrapolation)

28.matt karmil-“sex life+”

29.das komplex-“kacze’nce“(excerpt)

30.click click-„this is soul“

31.tuff city kids-“r.u.t.h.s”

32.morgan geist-“Clarence”

33.rubens bassini-“guaguanco”(spiritual south club mix)


35.dresvn-“first voyage”(dj sotofett`s extended mix)

36.S’ express-“theme from s’express”(vanilla ace excursion)

37.marina swingers-“i`m a swinger”

38.luminance-“left out” feat. Psyche

39.fad gadget-“plain clothes”

40.hills-“anukthal is here”

41.big star-“kangaroo”

42.the pretty things-“in the south”

43.the ninth street bridge-“wild illusions”

44.the godfathers-“birth,school,work,death”