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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 27/02/2018

1.hans zimmer&Benjamin wallfisch-“tears in the rain”(from the blade runner 2049 film soundtrack)
2.ryuichi sakamoto-“disintegration(alva noto remodel)
3.poppy ackroyd-“ paper”
4.paul statham-“ascend”
5.saib-“blue memories”
6.nils frahm-“momentum”
7.susanna-“perfect day”(a lou reed cover)
8.khruangbin-“Friday morning”
10.lunar mansions-“winter sun”(minimal/analog rmx)
11.mgmt-“hand it over”
12.ingleton falls-“high”
13.unknown -“don t sleep through this”
14.mick ness-“hay wire”
15.insecure men-“cliff has left the building”
16.bigga bush-“she-boogie”
17.dr.c. stein-“petit synth d amour »
18.django django-« sundials »
19.brian eno with kevin shields-« only once away my son »
20.the xxxxxxxx-“signs of life in my computer”
22.dj oil-« paresse »
23.c cat trance-« sudaniyya »(minimal mix)
24.dirtmusic-« safety in numbers »
25.juju-« in a ghetto »
26.richard Russell/everything is recorded-“close but not quite”(incl. Curtis Mayfield sample)
27.chris dave and the drumhedz-“job well done”
28.23 skidoo-“where you at”(feat. Roots manuva&carl mcintosh)
29.anderson paak-“come down”
31.the liminanas-“Istanbul is sleepy”
32.gary war-“up the wall”
33.hookworms-“boxing day”
34.vox low-“you are a slave”
35.smagghe&cross-“mmmmmmm”(Jackie house generatoris tool feat. Kevin Clarke&mark b.)
36. schlammpeitziger-“angerrestboy”
37.spirit-„nature s way“
38.the baroques-„bicycle“
39.the yardbirds-“evil hearted you”
40.mark renner-“the wild house”
41.novaks kapelle-“madman s prayer”
42.secret life-“witches”
43.severed heads-“son of”
44.cohgs/john balance&louise weasel-“love s septic domain”
45.a3-“mickey mickey(ncs0.1.1)”
46.ultravox-“my sex”