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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 26/11/2019

1.telefon tel aviv-“still as stone in a watery fane”(excerpt)
2.a winged victory for the sullen-“adios,florida”
3.floating points-“sea-watch”
4.penguin café-“at the top of the hill, they stood…”
5.pye corner audio-“nostalgia pills”
6.lindstrom-“on a clear day I can see you forever”
7.boards of Canada-“aquarius(version 3)”( bbc peel session 98`)
8.cocoon-“a cure”
9.leonard cohen-“thanks for the dance”
10.mark lanegan band-“war horse”
11.charlie megira-“yesterday,today and tomorrow”
12.bob Dylan-“I threw it all away(take 1)”
13.neil young with crazy horse-“green is blue”
14.the doors-“wishful sinful”(doors only mix with robby Krieger new overdub)
15.michael kiwanuka-“i`ve been dazed”
16.bryony jarman-pinto-“sun kissed”
17.fka twigs-“holy terrain ft. future”
18.karolina-“af echad”
19.tim rose-“snowed in”
20.alif tree-“mystery house of love”
21.charis davis-“traction”
22.cult with no name-“button on my desk”
23.moon duo-“fever night”
24.vangelis katsoulis-“whispers of heavenly wilderness”
25.mike mcgear-“sea breezes”(a roxy music cover)
26.peter ivers-“miraculous weekend”
27.larry gus-“total diseases(subservience)”
28.metronomy-“the light”
29.prince fatty-“get ready” feat. Big youth&George dekker( the temptations cover)
30.julian jay savarin-“soldiers of time”
31.tyrnaround-“colour your mind”
32.jefferson lee-“sorcerella”
33.sachar cohen-“zrahim shell todaha/seeds of consciousness”
34.electric banana( aka the pretty things)-“alexander”
35.the pop group-“savage sea(sparse)”-(from the alien blood album)
36.minimal compact-“nada”(2016 version)
37.toy-“down on the street”(the stooges cover)
38.automatic-“too much money”
39.eut-“it`s love(but it`s not mine)”
40.essaie pas-“earth”
41.carter tutti void-“t 3.4”
42.nolan potter`s nightmare band-“pity in the city”
43.underworld-“Schiphol test”
44.plaid-“elide”(bbc peel session 99`)
45.talaboman-“brutal chugga chugga”(L.B dub corp rmx)
46.daphni feat. Paradise-“sizzling”
47.bomby traffic-“move like a zombie”
48.the cinematic orchestra-“wait for now”(pepe bradock dubious mix)