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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 26/03/2019

1.aidan baker&n-“230316 wuppertal”(wire topper edit)
2.james holden-“the villagers”(from a Cambodian spring film soundtrack)
3.jordan gcz-“bol”
4.salami rose joe louis-“nostalgic montage”
5.james heather-« last minute change of heart »(string quartet version)
6.kate bush-“the handsome cabin boy”(trad.)
8.michael rother-“Houston(pt.1)”(from the film soundtrack)
9.pablos eye-“l.a desert”
11.elegia-“so long(m)
12.these new puritans-“six”
13.lambchop-“the new isn`t so you anymore”
14.hvob-“a list”
15.scott walker-R.I.P-“it’s raining today”
16. scott walker-R.I.P-“sleepwalkers woman”
17.the cinematic orchestra-“wait for now/leave the world”
18.weval-“couldnt do it better”
19.susanna&the brotherhood of our lady-“gluttony and lust”
22.genesis p.orridge&david ball-“sex&the married frog”
23.wrastlic-“bang bang”
24.jean marc lederman experience-“in here(forevermore)”
25.karen o&dangermouse-“ministry”
26.station 17 &andreas dorau-“eine halbe portion glück”
27.fred und luna-„im element“
28.ex:re-„the dazzler“
29.anderson paak-„tints“ feat.kendrick lamar
30.steve spacek-“well well”
31.georgia anne Muldrow-“blam”
32.zenobia-“la fou-up”
33.charlotte adigery-“Akashi”
34.domenique Dumont-“un jour avec yusef”
35.ultramarine-« framework »
36.teeth of the sea-« our love can destroy this whole fucking world »
37.doc.alimantado&the rebels-“born for a purpose”
38.durand jones&the indications-“how can I be sure”
39.pye corner audio-“surfacing”
40.the byrds-“artificial energy”
41.dark-“live for today”
42.the claypool lennon delirium-“amethyst realm”
43.snapped ankles-“letter from hampi mountain”
44.fumaca preta-“baygon”
45.pond-“doctors in”
46.international teachers of pop-“time for the seasons”
47.fanzine-“deja de lamentarte”
48.finlay Shakespeare-“Dublin”
50.mike simonetti-“el coyote”