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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 25/09/2018

1.DF tram-“a thousand knives”
2.varg-“vanity lights(first crush)”feat. Ecco2h
3.fleetwood mac-“thoughts on a grey day”(reading by mrs.scaraot, on the bare trees album)
4.david axelrod-“a little girl lost”
5.alex kassian-“quiet dawn”
6.roger eno-“salty tears”
7.ölafur arnalds-“ypsilon”
8.craig Armstrong-“if you should fall”
9.anna Meredith&Scottish ensemble-“solstice-light out”(excerpt)
10.francois de Roubaix-“red lips”(from the daughters of darkness movie soundtrack)
11.moonilena-“stone talk”
13.bobby beausoleil-“saundaria lahari”(excerpt)
14.mark lanegan&duke garwood-« one way glass »
15.black merlin-“subconscious”
16.cinema domingo orchestra( with steven brown)-“the cabinet of dr.caligari-end credits”
17.max cooper-“memories”
18.black lodge-“castle to castle”
19.dj koze-“Hawaiian souldier”
20.chris liebing-“no regrets(the friend pt.2)”feat.aleen
21.rejoicer-“cloud of me”
22.the amorphous androgynous-“go tell the trees egghead”
23.villagers-“love come with all that it brings”
24.bobbie gentry-“fancy”
25.james brown-“stoned to the bone”pt.1
26.the chambers brothers-“are you ready”
27.jaye jayle-“cemetery rain”
28.bruce haack-“little things”
29.nova materia-“espacio”
30.marie Davidson-“work it”
31.escape-ism-“the lost record”
33.aphex twin-“T69 collapse”
34.thomas fehlmann-“triggerism”
35.syclops(aka Maurice fzkton)-“kelly is on her c”
36.station 17&ulrich schnauss-“sternenteleskop”
37.oliver coates-“charlev”
38.tapestry-“who wants happiness”
39.oh sees-“m.c”
40.sleaford mods-“stick in a five and go”
41.einstürzende neubauten-“good morning everybody”
42.the slits-“slits tradition”
43.derribos arias-“aprende aleman en 7 dias”
44.endes hneaflet-« session zeitgeist »
45.perel feat. Frangie-« die auge »