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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 24/05/16

1.eno-“saint tom”

2.eno-“the hour is thin”


4.spencer Nilsen`s”ecco the dolphin”(from the original video Sega game soundtrack)

5.sasha-“scarpa falls”

6.klara lewis-“us”

7.df tram-“ a ping at the stone circle”

8.after life-“ten thousand things”

9.ayowa-“sommer”(radio edit)

10.bongo entp-“lüjon”(orig. mix)

11.mark pritchard-“khufu”

12.bob dylan-„all the way“

13.anohni(aka anthony)-“watch me”

14.teho teardo&blixa bargeld-“nerissimo”

15.farm-“crystal shingles”(from the original film soundtrack-the innermost limits of pure fun)

16.blancmange-“I wish I was you”

17.isao tomita/the helpful souls-“a thousand&one nights/main title”(orig. motion picture soundtrack)

18.james k-“bow(submit no w!)”

19.higher authorities-“Neptune”

20.kaytranada-“bus ride”

21.forever pavot “cest de lor »(visitor/rmx by dorian pimpernel)

22.the invisible-« so well »(darkstar rmx)

23.the associates-“gloomy Sunday”


25.minor victories-“out to sea”

26.goblin-“suspiria”(from the Dario argento film soundtrack)

27.pantha du prince-“in an open space” feat.queens

28.mark barrott-“cascades”

29.mungolian jetset-“a city so convenient”

30.junior boys-“big black coat”(Robert hood rmx)



33.it`s a fine line-“the delivery”(feat. Alex kapranos)

34.shit robot-“wir warten”

35.the dandelion set-„sun jah“

36.the world column-“lantern gospel”

37.country joe&the fish-“bass strings”

38.the liminanas-“garden of love”(feat. Peter hook)

39.spooky tooth-“better by you,better than me”


41.Goudi- “@ my house”

42.thee oh sees-“web”

43.fumaca preta-“ressaca da Gloria”

44.k-x-p-“to believe”

45.prostitutes-“fake Hawaiian suit”

46.visonia&mad moizel-“beat frequencies”

47.junto club-“nothing above”

48.kaytranada-“despite the weather”