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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 24/03/15

1.riz ortolani-“crucified woman”(from the orig. film score-cannibal holocaust).2.peter Broderick-“and it s alright”(nils frehm rmx).3.unknown artist-“London 5th”.4.konstruktivists-“all that you are”.5.2 kilos&more-“January ride”(feat. Black sifichi).6.lapelux-“funny games”.7.jason burns&sarah winters-“lightweight”(orig.).8.mark lanegan band-“sad lover”(mikey young rmx).9.cortex-“ cortex1”+nino ferrer-“looking for you”.10.john cale-“heartbreak hotel”(elvis Presley cover)(vpro radio session 10/12/74).

11.nev coffee-“if I could tell you”.12.jacco gardner-“find yourself”.13.etienne jaumet-“the dirty part of the dust”.14.bearcubs-“paper walls”(radio edit).15.john carpenter-“fallen”.16.portico-“Atacama” feat. Joe newman.17.greg chin-“dashboard angels”.18.grasscut-“the field”.(excerpt).19.björk-“stonemilker”.20.visti&meyland-“open your arms”(radio edit).

21.tame impala-“let it happen”.22.descendant/niko marks-“spacebabies-mixture one”.23.laura nyro-“elis comin”.24.p.j proby-“I apologise”.25.jimmy cross-“I want my baby back”.26.axel boman-“something bad on my mind”.27.pablo diaz-reixa-“trances 4”(pilooski rmx).28.joy squander-“in da oud”.29.dan deacon-“sheathed wings”.30.vessels-“glass lake”.

31.mugwump-“school out”(with von spar).32.legowelt-“immensity of space”.33.ian dury&the blockheads-“mash it up harry”.34.sundragon-“far away mountain”.35.the yankee dollar-“live and let live”.36.bump 2-“concerning your invitation”.37.the pop group-“echelon”.38.sir douglas quintet-“she`s about a mover”.39.moon duo-“free the skull”.40.gang of four-“isle of dogs”.

41.vitor hublot-“clip e`roclap”.42.rex the dog-“sicko”.43.vox low-“in this room 1940”.44.sebastien tex-“sway in stone”(il est vilaine chepati rmx).45.alex burkat-“pay the rent”(barnt rmx).