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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory 24/09/2019

1.modern nature-“bloom”
2.gigi masin&j. nash-“”the sea in your eyes”
3.kyle Dixon&Michel stein-“aftermath”( from the soundtrack of the stranger things series vol. 3)
4.wilson tanner-“all hands bury the dead”
5.metronomy-“forever is a long time”
6.riff kitten-“alpine lake”
7.jon Hopkins-“vessel”(orchestral version with the royal Liverpool phiharmonic orch.)
8.devendra banhart-“I see you tonight” feat.vashti bunyan
9.iggy pop-“the dawn”
10.live cat7-“dms(intro mix)
11.dylan moon-“blue jean”
12.charles Hayward-“perfect storm”
13.lana del rey-“hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have-but I have it”
14.mike patton&jean claude vannier-« chanson d`amour »
15.nev cotte-« i`m still here”
16.fausto Fawcett-“imperio dos sentidos”
17.vanessa wagner-“struggle for pleasure”(gas version)(a soft verdict/wim martens cover)
18.moondog-“all is loneliness”
19.the transparency-“”it might get dark”
20.salami rose joe louis-“transformation of a molecule/sixth dimension”+”the artist/seventh dimension”
21.M83-“a bit of sweetness”
22.takayuki shiraishi-“phenomena”
23.dino spiluttini-“rainbow bridge”
24.toshifumi hinata-“midsummer night”
25.bernard estardy-“slow very slow”
26.the space lady-“across the universe”(a beatles cover)
27.l`epee-(aka the liminanas, anton newcombe&Emmanuelle seigner)“grande”
28.phoenix city all-stars-« guns of brixton”(the clash dub cover)
29.sly&Robbie feat.simply red-“night nurse”(radio mix)(a Gregory Isaac`s cover)
30.massive attack vs.mad professor part 2-“teardrop”(mazaruni dub one)
31.jah wobble-“jack drums”
32.the chambers brothers-“are you ready”
33.ohio players-“is anybody gonna be saved?”
34.zapp-“doo wa ditty(blow that thing)”
35.black pumas-“black moon rising”
36.brittany howard-“history repeats”
37.the white screen-“kol kach harbe”
38.ride-“eternal recurrence”
39.singapore sling-“underground man”
40.oh sees-“FU XI”
41.chocolate watchband-“secret rendezvous”
43.david august-“33 chants”
44.simple symmetry&inigo vontier-“Gilgamesh”
45.enzo kreft-“mindshift”
46.ice the falling rain-“lifes illusion”
48.the modernist-“magic lantern”(velvet version)
49.gerry&the holograms-“jeep”
50.drugface-“in the clouds”(simple symmetry rmx)