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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 24-07-2018

1.jonny greenwood-“moon trills”(from body song film soundtrack)

2.pieter nooten-“vari-slowed”

3.mark van hoen-“instable”

4.eno-“all the stars were out”

5.troels hammer-“moon of Quillimane”

6.leon vynehall-“drinking it in again(chapter iv)”

7.pablo`s eye-“cypher ny mix”

8.7FO-“ougon no yuge”

9.danny wolfers-“grazing at a wonder farm”

10.sibylle baier-“the end”


12.elephant micah-“fire A”

13.tom rush-“come see about me”

14.bark psychosis-“miss abuse”

15.kikagaku moyo-“white moon”

16.aisha badru-“waiting around”

17.lykke li-“lost piece”

18.lucrecia dalt-“tar”

19.ray lamontagne-“paper man”


21.paul de jong(ex- the books)-“it`s only about sex”

22.the whips-“yes,master”

23.river yarra-“sli GG oGG”

24.ingus bauskenieks-“lidojuns uz sauli”

25.los gonogoccos-„putaing con v2“

26.eleanor friedberger-“my jesus phase”

27.rival consoles-“sun`s abandon”

28.gümix&shanti roots feat. Ras tweed-“one love”(radio edit)

29.the last poets-“how many bullets”

30.phillippe cohen solal-“44 tiros”feat.angel parra

31.melody`s echo chamber-“quand les larmes d`un ange font danser la neige”

32.lost gringos-« tambo machay »

33.orb-« the end of the end »


35.schaik mitz-“voya”

36.immersion-“ms 19”

37.tom trago-“Bergen”

38.gorillaz-“lake Zurich”

39.ramases-“molecular delusions”

40.shriekback-“sons of the dirt”

41.pop tone-“love me”

42.oh sees-“overthrown”

43.pletnev-“day walker”

44.onyx-“call of the wild”

45.dollkraut-“have I told you”(borusiade rmx)

46.bjorn torske-“clean air”

47.mango-“ 65537-Gon”