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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory 24/03/2020

1.james murray&francis gri-“ma”
2.klimek-« requiem for a butterfly »
3.paul haslinger-“white sun”
4.ryuichi sakamoto-“the straggering girl( main title from the film soundtrack)
5.amon tobin-“Atkinson sky”
8.moses sumney-“self-help tape”
9.the cinematic orchestra feat.trwiah-“wait for now”(mary Lattimore rework)
11.rustin man-“Jackie`s room”
12.rejoicer-“no bells rang that day”feat. Nital hershkovits
13.mary travers&rod mckuen-“children one and all(live)
14.alessandro alessandroni orchestra-“my sitar”
15.vegas by night-“growing flowers”(from the movie soundtrack yung)
16.tame impala-“on track”
17.the mirror-“transient”
18.sunda arc-“collapse”
19.califone-“echo mine”
20.doctor fluorescent-“doctor fluorescent`s emporium(excerpt)
21.di jf sanders-“mahakala”
22.dark arts-“golden fond memories”
23.red axes-“little prince(delhi movie song)”
24.nusrat fateh ali khan&Michael brook-“longing”
25.nekmat hatraktor/tracktor`s revenge-“shthe hachi/drink my brother”
26.panorama channel&pletnev-“Blavatsky”(yu sur mx)
27.gulshan-« el saila 2000 »
28.caribou-« you and i »
29.calibro 35-« automata »
30.stephan mallinder-« flashback »
31.andras-« goggles »
32.ricardo tobar-« regain your power »
33.the moody blues-“love and beauty”
34.joseph ashworth-“breathe” feat.vanity fairy
35.the paupers-“south down road”
36.billie ray martin&spooky-“persuasion”(throbbing gristle cover)