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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 23/08/16

1.toots thielemans-“bluesette”

2.coh-“ether fields forever”

3.k.leimer-“field characteristics”


5.marielle v jakobsons-“the beginning is the end”

6.sei A-“trails of gold”

7.gilli smyth-“back to the womb”

8.annette peacock-“the succubus”

9.john Roberts-“dye tones”

10.beyond the wizards sleeve-“third mynd”

11.mindex-“sleepy” feat.christina sofina

12.cass mc combs-“opposite house”

13.ryley walker-“the great and undecided”

14.gil scott-heron-“the other side”(from his last demo lp- nothing new)

15.oy-“everybody searching”

16.gene clark-“echoes”

17.michael kiwanuka- “the final frame”

18.judy Henske&jerry yester-“rapture”

19.thom sonny green-“ping”


21.dj shadow-“the mountain will fall”

22.cliff Martinez-“messenger walks among us”(from neon demon film soundtrack)

23.jean-claude vannier-“je m`appellee geraldine »

24.the film music of gerhard heinz-« love,l`amour,amore”

25.metronomy-“summer jam”

26.weval-“just in case”

27.portable-“as for me”feat.kinoo&letchko

28.blood orange-“better numb”

29.the avalanches-“the noisy eater”

30.cayetano-“where the sun shines”


32.kyodai&daudi matsiko-“Houston in the blind”(Russell rmx)

33.acid arab-“houria”feat. Rachid taha

34.nanni-“buscando el chakra(incl. havisi,simone Barbieri viele rmx)

35.the mystery lights-“flowers in my hair,demons in my head”

36.public service broadcasting-“elfsteden tocht pt 1”

37.amongster-“butcher`s boy”

38.the slits-“number one enemy”

39.thee oh sees-“the axis”

40.it`s a fine line feat. C.a.r-“weekend boom boom”

41.fad gadget-“for whom the bells toll”

42.units-“animals they dream about”

43.jacob korn-“thru the eye”

44.factory floor-“dial me in”

45.pet shop boys-“inner sanctum”(carl craig c2 juiced rmx)

46.alan Fitzpatrick-“we do what we want”(radio edit)

47.t.c-“hello I love”(new beat-body-acid mix by ghentlon)(a doors cover)

48.unbalance #8- w.l


50.charlie stark-“ufo”