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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory 23/06/15

1.voices from the lake-“max”

2.james pants-“spaces”

3.meeke-“delicate”feat. Urias


5.jaakko eino kalevi-“don`t ask me why”

6.richie havens-“home”

7.buffy sainte-marie-“orion”

8.beth hart-“as long as I have a song”

9.maribou state-“say more” feat.jono mccleery

10.bill fay-“world of life”

11.leo Abrahams-“mosaic”

12.andrew Thomas Wilson-“message to a friend(end titles)”(from the chain reaction movie soundtrack)

13.leftfield feat.ofei-“levitate for you”

14.boof(aka Maurice fulton)-“emi`s m”

15.darkel-“the man of sorrow”

16.the orb-“lunar caves”

17.death and vanilla-“the hidden reverse”

18.felix laband-“getting old”

19.shriekback-“take me to the tranquil vermin”

20.other lives-“need a line”

21.django Django-“pause repeat”

22.george fitzgerald-“crystallise”

23.francesca  bel monte-“keep moving”(in col.  And produced by tricky)

24.jamie xx-“loud places”feat. Romy

25.pepe` bradock-“burnin”(new edit and mastering)

26.il est vilaine-“lies”(blackjoy edit)

27.das complex-« nowadays »

28.tiefschwarz-« any moment » feat. Emily karpel

29.tiefschwarz-“do me”feat. Khan(roman flügel rmx)

30.daniel avery&the deadstock 33s(aka Justin Robertson)-“magnetic”

31.rabo and snob-“you get by”(lovedance rmx)

32.james curd-“tornado in the basement” feat. J dub

33.terranova-“kepler 186 f”


35.nick the record& ian&bj/commercial value pack-“danin son”

36.the chemical brothers-“sometimes I feel so deserted”


38.the fall-“pibre book troll”

39.the tee-vees-“war machine”

40.dj enne feat.jens poenitsch-“allein”(radio edit)

41.self control-„the firing squad of love“

42.the pre new-“psychedelic lies”

43.azitis-“who will be”

44.the litter-“journeys”