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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 23/02/16

1.monkeen-“saddest continent on  earth”

2.kurt stenzel-“coming of a god”(from the jadorowsky`s dune film soundtrack)


4.space captain-“cosmos”

5.charles Hayward-“Australia”

6.pearls before swine-“rocket man”

7.niv ast-“before I let you go”

8.submotion orchestra-“empty love” feat. Ed Thomas

9.mason Williams-“Saturday night at the world”

10.david bowie-“Blackstar”

11.shoc corridor-“in an empty room”

12.mark van hoen-“Socrates books”

13.nico motte-“tacotac”

14.the moody blues-“go now”

15.the wilde flowers( the Robert wyatt, brian&hugh hopper+ friends band from the 60)

16.prins Thomas-“a2”

17.ost&kjex-“down river”


19.haty haty-“parakeet”

20.visonia-“the love without you”


22.mugwump-“schools  out”(manfreda`s rmx)

23.lee van dawski feat. Miss kittin-“i.l.a.n.e.n.o”

24.akua naru feat. Cody chenutt-“canary dreams”

25.kendeick lamar-“Wesley`s theory” feat. George Clinton&thundercat

26.john cale-“Chinese envoy”(m:fans version)

27.tricky-“here my dear”

28.the rainbow press-“there`s a war on”

29.jimi Hendrix-“the stars that play with laughing sam`s dice”

30.the deep-“it`s all a part of me”

31.the lords-“savin`(everything for you girl)”


33.fat white family-“love is the crack”

34.all them witches-“call me star”

35.this heat-“s.p.Q.r”

36.wand-“grave robber”

37.fad gadget-“make room”

38.vox-low-“i`m dreaming of you”(synth-french-pop version)

39.vague state-“connection”

40.acid arab-“amal(argy”these days” mix)

41.phillipi&Rodrigo-(aka soulwax)-“gueto de gent”

42.tim wright-« can`t stop »(vromm rmx)


44.champion&four tet-“flip side”

45.massimiliano pagliera-“I enjoy myself while I am here”

46.claptone-“the only thing”(seven doors rmx)

47.l`Equipe du son-“familiar stranger”(the beat broker rmx)