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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 23/07/2019

1.the swan and the lake-“herlev”
2.sommet-“south cole”
3.amon tobin-“dark as dogs”
4.oren ambarchi-“palm sugar candy”(excerpt)
5.avina Vishnu(aka aina&heinrich mueller)-“transforma(a2)”
7.erik wollo-„native dance“
8.stellar om source-„latin sirens“
9.bernard estardy-„it`s a lovely day to die”
10.tourist kid-“uv bleacher tangent”
11.normil Hawaiians-“ignorance is strength”
12.sweet&innocent-“express your love”
13.joan shelley-“time has told me”(a nick drake cover)
14.mort garson-“baby`s tears blues”
16.samy Birnbach-“lesiman haava”
17.vanishing twin-“the age of immunology”
18.thom yorke-“i`m a very rude person”
19.dylan moon-“death warmed”
20.richard Hawley-“alone”
21.rodney crowell-“texas drought pt.1”
23.anatolian weapons feat. Seirios savvaidis-“kalesma”
24.flying lotus-“Debbie is depressed”
25.fjordfunk-“oblique strategies”
26.dennis young-“you turn me on”
27.coil-“alternative theme from the gay man`s guide to safer sex”
28.robag wruhme-“nata alma(you might say)” feat. Sidsel endresen&bugge wesseltoft
29.flowdan-“bob marley”(wrongtom`s tuff wrong rmx)
30.lee scratch perry-“autobiography of the upsetter”
31.khruangbin-“como te quiero”(scientist dub mix)
32.the meters-« message from the meters »(art Neville  r.i.p)
33.peaking lights-“hypnotized”
35.mongolito&luminance-“head south”
36.brigitte fontaine&areski belkacem-“vous et nous”
37.nino ferrer&leggs-« moby-dick »
38.laurent stopnicki-“amour fonctionnel”
39.yeasayer-“ecstatic baby”
40.eod&weme presents dunal/dunal chronicles 2-“ a ghost of the long night”
41.dru-g face-“in the clouds”
42.fujiua&miyagi-“for promotional use only”
43.plaid-“drowned sea”
44.coil-“siminon master backwards”(swanyard demo)
45.andre` bratten-“ranx”
46.fiesta en el vacio-“brillanza y orgullo”
47.beak-« minus pillow »
48.l`epee(aka emmanuelle seigner,anton mewcombe&lionel&marie liminana)-« dreams »
49.juju-« master and servants »
50.psychedelic porn crumpets-“dezi`s adventure”
51.daniele baldelli&Mario piana-“cosmic mood”