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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 23/01/2018

1.visible cloaks-“world”
2.tom Rogerson with brian eno-“Quoit blue”
3.pauline anna strom-“cruising altitude 36.000 feet”
5.lucky sun-“I wanna live”(feat. Debris)
6.id3-“go to sleep”
7.francoise hardy-“mer”
8.bjork-“features creatures”
9.the swan and the lake-“summer in December” feat. Jens breum&johan liepstack
10.biosphere-“just a kiss”(feat. Bette davis&leslie howard)
11.billy Mackenzie-“and this she knows”
12.the belbury circle feat. John foxx-“trees”
13.taxi-girl-“triste cocktail”
14.roy harper-“freak suite”
15.peter hammill-“torpor”
16.cornelius-“the rain song”
17.fortis-“hazdapha hamhehavevet”
18.hidden orchestra-“first light”(nostalgia 77 rmx)
19.judy Henske-“high flying bird”
20.buffy sainte-marie-“the priests of the golden bull”
21.the liminanas-“shadow people”
22.tom rush-“desperados waiting for a train”(a cover of guy clark)
23.penguin café orchestra-“yodel3”
24.andy Ellison-“you can t do that”(a cover of the beatles)
25.forever pavot-“ca lance”
26.hugh masekela-“don t go lose it baby”
27.eric burdon&the animals-“sky pilot”
28.the byrds-“artificial energy”
30.king gizzard and the lizard lizard-“the castle in the air”&”deserted dunes welcome weary feet”
31.achim reichel-“tanz der vogel in den winden“
32.alan vega-„stars“
33.moon duo-„no fun“((a iggy&the stooges cover)
34.mick ness-“minister of state”
35.vox low-“some words of faith”(album version)
36.deaf chonky-“gozalim”
37.fad gadget-“ricky`s hand”(live 84`)
38.nacht ubd nebel-“soul,body and mind”
39.moscoman-“I ran”(simple symmetry rmx)
40.prins Thomas-“venter pa torske”
41.acid pauli-“abbebe(sainte vie rmx)
43.yoshinori hoyoshi-“pneuma”
44.randy newman-“she chose me”