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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 22/12/15

1.jessica curry-“finding the pattern”(from the everybody`s gone to the rapture game soundtrack)

2.synkro-“body close”

3.i:cube-“a walk with you”

4.patrick Cowley-“mockingbird dream2”


6.coil-“amber rain”

7.gene clark-“hear the wind”

8.seahawks-“moon turn tides”(mokadem`s tears in the rain mix)


10.pearls before swine-“the jeweler”

11.mark van hoen(aka locust)-“kojiki”

12.prequel tapes-“auj8-D”

13.normil Hawaiians-“the battle of stonehenge”

14.mark mcguire-“true love(song for Rachel)”

15.doug hream blunt-“fly guy”

16.rotary connection-“silent night”

17.dj dsl feat. Urbs-“oaschloch”

18.blond:ish-“myein caravan”


20.holzwarth-“electron clouds”


22.damian lazarus&the ancient moons-“vermillion”


24.luca c&brigante-“faber”

25.roman flügel-“man sees the face,god sees the heart”

26.arthur lee&love-“everybody`s gotta live/instant karma”(acoustic live/the 1990)

27.the soft machine-“feelin` reelin squeelin”

28.family fodder(as frank Sumatra)-“the story so far”


30.the final solution-“hure”

31.les goths-“out of the sun”

32.the feelies-“fa ci-la”

33.the delta saints-“into the morning”

34.nino ferrer-“les cornichons”

35.brian kage-“shut your eyes”feat. James Garcia

36.wolfgang flür-“I was a robot”(radio edit)


38.the Caribbean house”Haitian party”

39.jose` padilla-“blitz magic”(tambien “jil thunder light”mix)

40.die verboten(aka soulwax)-“nacht winkel“

41.mister woo-„black eyes“(alan fitzpatrick loft rocker mix)

42.muslimgauze-“untitled 1985”(shan&gerd Janson morning mix)