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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 22/11/2016

1.the orb-“siren33(orphee mirror)
3.john cravache-“mon arbre de vie”
4.hope sandoval and the warm inventions-« into the trees »
6.julien gasc-“kiss me you fool!”
8.anthony child(aka surgeon)-“wyatt s inspection”
9.man parrish-“water sports”
10.immersion-“living on an island”
11.illum sphere-“the journey”
13.leonard cohen-“travelling light”
14.dungen-“peri banu vid sjön”
15.the notwist-“one with the freaks”(live)
16.arthur brown and craig leon-“big guns don t lie”
17.bp fallon&david holmes-“henry mc cullough”
18.franck ocean-“seigfried”
19.roman flügel-“the mighty suns”
20.mose Allison-“your mind is on vacation(and your mouth is working over time)”
21.colin newman-“alone”
22.pink floyd-“stay”(2016 rmx)
23.vanishing twins-“choose your own adventure”
24.michael mayer&prins Thomas feat. Irene kalisvaart-“comfort me”
25.the lemon twigs-“frank”
26.mild high club-“skiptracing”
27.rag n bone man-“guilty”
28.tom waits-“clap hands”(dj amir pery goes funky rmx)
29.minimal compact-“happy babouge”
30.thundercat-“the life aquatic”
31.michael bundt-“the brain od oskar panizza”(1977)(excerpt)
32.youandewan-“something keeps me real quiet”
33.computer jockeys-“ping pong”(orig.)
34.sasha-“vapour trails”(kiasmos rmx)
35.peter Gordon&david van tieghem-“winter” feat. Kathy acker
36.anna meredith-“taken”
37.soulwax-“transient program for drums and machinery”
38.lush-“burnham beeches”
39.rodriguez jr.-“2 miles away”
41.the doves-“smokeytime springtime”
42.toy-“dream orchestrator”
43.the pop group-“pure ones”
44.les olivensteins-“euthanasie”
45.romare-“je t`aime”
46.andrew weatherall-« disappear »(duncan grey rmx)