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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 22/01/2019

1.oren ambarchi&jim o`Rourke-“hence(side b)(edit)
2.janek Schaefer(for Robert wyatt)-“battlestar kaempfert”
3.francois de Roubaix-“the dunes of Ostend,flagellation”(from the orig.movie soundtrack daughters of darkness)
4.mindspan-“accept things as they are”
5.black merlin-“madmen,missionaries,prospectors and weirdos”
6.ana da silva&phew-“kannichiwa!”
7.penelope trappes-„carry me“
8.philippe cohen solal-„le club des hachichins“(text by theophile gautier)
9.insecure men-„picture cards can t picture you”
10.the lollipops-“naked when you come”
11.todd rundgren,emil nikolai sen&hans-peter lindstrom-“warp your arms around me” (stereolab vs.high llamas rmx)
12.van Morrison-“who was that masked man”
13.yair yona-“remember”
14.kikrgrku moyo-“nazo nazo”
15.jacco gardner-“langraglan point”
17.christian Bachmann-“slowmotion”
18.cat s eyes-“the duke of burgundy”
19.marianne faithfull-“they come at night”
20.chris carter-“non pop”
21.international observer-“spacetime”
22.toots and the maytals-“54 46 was my number”
23.legion of two-“turning point”
24.the residents-“shadows”
25.domenique Dumont-“le soleil dans le monde”
26.scott gilmore-« rooms we ve made »
27.the naghash ensemble-“meditation on greed and poverty”(edit)
28.nick nicely-“everyone knows”
29.the spencer davis group-“letters from edith”
30.bader moter-“disappear in amerika”
31.robert rental-“on location”(demo)
32.lucie cries-“les amants de lucie »
33.leben und arbeiten-«amanita »
34.the sound-« party of the mind »
35.blancmange-“not a priority”
36.B-movie-“remembrance day”
37.das ding-“dream decay”
38.mick farren-“you can`t move me”
39.mourning reign-“satisfaction guaranteed”
40.brian Jonestown massacre-“tombes oubliees/forgotten graves”
41.all them witches-“rob`s dream”
42.the liminanas-“the train creep a-loopin”(live)
43.the white screen-“death to techno”
44.lcd soundsystem-“I used to”(Dixon retouch)
45.dopplereffekt-“hayflick limit”
46.transllusion-“walking with clouds”
47.trevor Jackson-“beamrider”
48.victor-“amerikan dread”(lipplis ext. dub mix)( edit)
49.trentemoller-“one eye open”(rmx)