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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 2/12/14

1.machinedrum-“vizion(centered)”.2.neel-“the secret revealed”.3.franz kirmann-“ghost of a smile”.4.einstürzende neubauten-“lament”.5.secret circuit-“minimal vibrations”.6.teho teardo-“just maybe”.7.the barr brothers-“England”.8.david mcAlmont&Michael Nyman-“secrets,accusations and charges”.9.these new puritans-“nothing else but this”(live).10.johan agebjörn-“the leftovers”feat. Loney dear.

11.mindsgn-“camelblues”.12.attaque-“let it down”.13.brian eno-“under”.14.jagwarma-“the throw”(sound of the universe rmx pt. 1 by dreems).15.forever pavot-“green nap”.16.harpers bizarre-“snow”(written by randy newman).17.dan bodan-“jaws of life”.18.jan amit-“heal”.19.the siege-“I am taking this”.20.bob Dylan-“nothing was delivered(take one)”.

21.museum of love-“monotronic”.22.foxygen-“mattress warehouse”.23.soft as snow-“all our beasts”(gang gang dance brian degraw rmx).24.arandel-“section 11”.25.mind fair-“mushroom blues”.26.samo dj presents sap sap seoi la/taro tokugawa-“here my dear”.27.leron Thomas-“cover band”.28.krystian shek-“soi honey”.29.new build-“pour it on”.30.bowie-“tis a pity she was a whore”.

31.jean-bernard de liberville-“musculin feminine pluriel”.32.the moody boyz-“full effect”.33.cooly G-“love again”.34.dantel-“if I stay a minute”.35.the walley and the mountain-“time”.36.roche-“feel the love”(welcome stranger creation dub).37.model 500(aka juan atkins)-“the passage”.38.terry reid-“stay with me baby”.39.velvet underground-“I can`t stand it”(new 2014 mix).40.birth of joy-“grow”.

41.mark four-“hurt me(if you will)”.42.tomorrow-“why”(a byrds cover).43.the third bardo-“im five years ahead of my time”.44.black joe lewis-“mammas queen”.45.earth-“there is a serpent coming”feat. Mark lanegan”.