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Lysergic Factory – 21/10/2014

1.coldname-“intent kill”.2.bing&ruth-“twtga”.3.locust-“to lonely shores”.4.monoton-“teil2”.5.telepop music-“sound”(suburb animal rmx).6.jozef van wissem-“you can`t take it with you”.7.al green-“your love is like the morning sun”.8.michel gravil-“higher”.9.rowland s. howard-“nothing”.10.mark lanegan band-“death trip to Tulsa”.

11.kindness-“Geneva”.12.harald grosskopf-“while im walking”.13.snowday-“walk along these rocks with me”.14.foxygen-“star power 1:overture”+”star power 2:star power nite”+”star power 3: what are we good for ”+”star power 4:Ooh Ooh”15.veronique vincent&aksak maboul-“chez les aborigènes « .16.the liminanas-« je men vais ».17.passarella death squad-« ghosts ».18.caribou-« second chance ».19.chancha via circuito-« sabiamantis » feat. Barrio lindo&sidirum.20.jesse ruins-« fausta »(soft metals rmx).

21.saxsyndrum-“maceonectar”.22.sirens of lesbos-“long  days, hot nights”(rmx).23.flying lotus-“coronus.the terminator”.24.chapelier fou-“pentogan 3.14”.25.lost Midas-“off the course”(captain supernova chariot rmx).26. irmler&liebezeit-“walking over me”.27.aphex twin-“minipops 67”(source field mix).28.les diaboliques-“john Coltrane and a kick in the eye”.29.fairfield parlour-“I will always feel the same”.30.elmer gantry`s velvet opera-“reactions of a young man”.

31.motherhood/doldinger`s klass-“sitar beat aka negaesco #4”.32.the everly brothers-“mr. soul”( a buffalo springfield cover).33.marty rhone-“village tapestry”.34.sean bonniwell(aka the music machine)-“citizen fear”.35.temples-“mesmerize”(the time and space machine rmx).36.goat-“words”.37.chris spedding-“wild in the street”.38.pere ubu-“golden surf 2”.39.primal scream-“city slang”.40.flux of pink Indians-“tube disasters”(jd twitch re-edit).

41.c.a.r-“idle eyes”.42.deadbeat&paul st. hilaire-“what the heck them expect”.43.vermont-“macchina”(prins Thomas version).44.lee scratch perry-“blackbeard re-vision”.45.the barr brothers-“half crazy”.46.marcel vogel-“doinit”(moemas rmx).47.in flagranti-“different from the rest”(Moscomans voodoo disco habit rmx).48.kenja nai-“playing “(seventy-five rmx) feat. Amalia.