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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory 21/07/15

1.alva noto-“radieuse”

2.the orb-“moonquake-slice of silver”

3.moebius-“das ende”( from the orig, motion picture soundtrack blue moon)

4.lee bannon-“disney girls”( a beach boys cover)

5.rickie lee jones-“feet on the ground”

6.df tram-“whalesong”

7.bruce brubaker-“metamorphosis5”


9.tame impala-“yes I’m changing”

10.howling-“x machine”(dave Harrington rmx)

11.thundercat-“song for the dead”

12.la priest-“ a good sign”

13.shriekback-“in the dream life of dogs”(gvc kabuki drub)

14.four tet-“morning side”(excerpt)

15.gill landry-“funeral in my heart”

16.unknown-“quiet moments”(excerpt)

17.the twilight sad&Robert smith-“there`s a girl in the corner”

18.minor rain-“yellow trip”

19.family of the year-“make you mine”

20.kris dane-“sweet on you”(attari rmx)

21.evm 128-“strangers”

22.evariste-“les pommes de lune”

23.felix laband-« righteous red berets »

24.duke ellington&his orchestra-“afrique(take 3 vocal)(produced by conny plank)


26.emperor machine-“breezin”

27.session victim-„hyuwee“(dj koze rmx)

28.the chemical brothers-„under neon lights“ feat. St. vincent

29.disco halal vol 2-“hilbeh”(rabo&snob edit)

30.heretic-“pollux”(Andrew weatherall rmx)

31.front de cadeaux-“infodrogue”(jd twitch dub)

32.ray okpara-« rao del rani »

33.terranova-“uchü no inu” with rocco

34.k-x-p-“space precious time”

35.suuns+Jerusalem in my heart-“3 attak babey”

36.patti smith group-“5-4-3-2-1”( Manfred men cover)

37.the mothmen-“afghani dub”

38.junto club-“leaving forever”

39.tom purse digs-“temple courtyard”

40.the golden dawn-“my time”

41.helicon-“in a sad red dusk”

42.the see see-“powers of ten”

43.gene clark with the gosdin brothers-“needing someone”