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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 21/04/15


2.greg gives peter space(aka p. Broderick&g.haines)-“that I am”.

3.robert aiki Aubrey lowe&ariel kalma-“mille voix”.

4.kode9&the spaceape-« ghost town »(the specials cover version).


6.matthewdavid feat.the light of love children`s choir-“birds in flight”.

7.jon Hopkins-“I remember”(nils frahm rmx)(yeasayer cover version).

8.bulbs of held-“anova exam”(orig. mix).

9.punch brothers-“forgotten”.

10.ryley walker-“the high road”.

11.villagers-“everything I am is yours”.

12.django Django-“sunken dream”.

13.berntholer-“Japanese garden”.

14.jeff phelps-“super lady”.

15.bio mix 06-“hey gyp”(a Donovan edit).

16.percy sledge-“cover me”.


18.the liminanas-“time will tell”(Michael polnareff cover version)

19.jah wobble-“merry go round”.

20.gardening by moomlight-“strange clues”.

21.prince fatty vs. nostalgia 77-“angel with no halo dub”

22.martin hannett&steve Hopkins aka the invisible girls-“space music”.

23.pick a piper-“south to Polynesia”(little people rmx).

24.bass sekolah-“lighthouse”(phon.o. rmx).

25.vessels-“elliptic”(snasen rmx).

26.vox low-“velvet keats”.


28.syntax erik-“hello my name is Raymond”(kohib rmx).

29.kink-“pocket piano”(breakbeat mix).

30.mutado pintado-“michelle”(acid arab feat. Shanbezezadeh ensemble rmx).

31.kaleidoscope(u.s)-“soft and easy”.

32.july-“my clown”.

33.fenomeni-“ll vecchideil mare”.


35.shadows of knight-“follow”.

36.the Bombay royale-“Bombay twist”.

37.doug jerebine-“midnight sun”.

38.moon duo-“zero”.



41.drexciya-“wave jumper”(aqualung version).

42.cerrone-“hooked on you”(the reflex revision).

43.todd terje-“alfonso muskedunder”(mungolian vs. Targoterje dub).

44.andrew claristidge-„dolore“(moscoman rmx).

45.jay-jay johannson-“moonshine”(joakim absolut rmx).

46.the dealer feat. Shalls-“for a night”(orig.).

47.pilocka krach-“on oli`S chair”.