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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory 20/10/2015

1.chrome canyon-“light”

2.carter tutti void-“f=(2.5)”

3.king midas sound&fennesz-“melt”

4.desolate-“exclusion of light”

5.tom purse-“the ocean is teacher”

6.tuxedomoon&cult with no name-“until the robins come”

7.lana del rey-“Salvatore”

8.the band-“whispering pines”

9.mild high club-“you and me”

10.different fountains-“ice cream idioms”

11.bernard fe`vre-“cimes eternelles”

12.richard hawley-« the world looks down”


14.bachar mar-khalife`-“yalla tnam nada”feat. Golshifteh farahani

15.cubenx-“blindfold” feat. Yasmine Hamden

16.barbara Morgenstern with Gudrun gut-“too much”

17.desolate-“the beauty fades right before my eyes”

18.gene clark-“something about you baby”

19.low-“no end”

20.bruce brubaker-“metamorphosis 1”(akufen rmx)

21.leo Abrahams-“de milo”

22.hecta-“we bitched we bovvered and we buidered”


24.the rolling stones-“memo from turner”

25.delta saints-“bones”


27.p.i.l-“turkey tits”

28.the prats-“disco pope”

29.mark stewart with nik void-“robo want pt.1”

30.bim Sherman-“melody dub”

31.c cat trance-“delbouka”

32.luminance-“the twin gods”

33.stephan eicher-“nice”(headman rmx)

34.harvey mandel-“wade in the water”

35.the gods-“I never knew”

36.the deviants-“death of a dream machine”

37.the poets-“baby don`t you do it”(Holland dozier cover)

38.magnet monster-“I live behind the paradise machine:evil joe barresi`s magnet mash vol.1”

39.hills-“national drone”

40.led zepellin`-“whole lotta love”(luxxury edit)

41.jean Michel jarred&fuck buttons-“immortels”

42.shoc corridor-« artificial horizon »

43.coma-« the wind » feat.dillon

44.frida(ex-abba)-“I knew there`s something going on”(lindstrom main rmx)

45.andrew claristidge-“silver horse”