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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 20/09/2016

1.lauer-“prazctok memoriam”

2.pepe bradock-“sainte- maure”

3.peter zummo-“break up the pill”

4.NDF-“certain corners”

5.mick mackrory&harry collier-“alltid du”(seahawks rmx)

6.marielle v jakobsons-“rising light”

7.judy Henske&jerry yester-“mrs.connor”

8.nick cave&the bad seeds-“distant sky”

9.beach boys/dennis Wilson-“falling in love”

10.john surman-“fide et amore(by faith and love)”

!!:cass mc combs-“it”

12.thom sonny green-“Vienna”

13.jp moregun-“the last ride”

14.grumbling fur-“silent plans/black egg”

15.ryley walker-“the halfwit in me”

16.stevie wonder-“feeding off the love of the land”

17.amy winehouse-“when my eyes”

18.johnny flash and the flames-“irritating noises”

19.thundercat-“bus in these streets”

20.the album leaf-“never far”

21.gruppe between-“triumphzug Kaiser maximilian”

22.portable/alan Abrahams-“seraphin”

23.blood orange-“E.VP”

24.de la soul feat. Damon albarn-“here in after”

25.pedestrian-“pick your shots clean”

26.it`s a fine line-“titre original”

27.trentemoller-“one eye open”

28.silver apples-“Susie”

29.soft hair-“lying has to stop”

30.aphrodite`s child-“magic mirror”

31.the open mind-“cast a spell”

32.the spencer davis group-“after tea”

33.the veils-“do your bones glow at night?”

34.la femme-“Tatiana”

35.thee oh sees-“plastic plant”


37.pink industry-“don`t let go”(12” version)

38.phil gerus-(euro edits vol. 1)-“mr.hero”


40.set mo ft.fractures-“comfort you”(pillow talk rmx)

41.the silent ones-“magical party”(jones bering mix)

42.bjorn torske-“torskengammal”(mungo mix)

43.eating snow-“this emptiness”(kiki rmx)

44.326 records/basement edits-“purple music”

45.blaze-“love lee dae”(bicep rmx)

46.maelstrom&louisahhh-“listen”(not waving)