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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 20/01/2015

1.lawrence-“lucy, lucy”.2.john beltran-“music for machines”.3.mndsgn-“exchanging”.4.bernard lavilliers-“les aventures extraordinaires d un billet de banque”.5.lewis-“I thought the world of you”.6.silk Rhodes-“hold me down”.7.andy Stott-“time away”.8.samy Birnbach-“hadaber itcha”(cover version)(in Hebrew).9.corcharorion-“beth ywr haf I mi”(in welsh).10.cummi flu-“guladigang”.

11.johan agebjörn-“on golden wings I fly”.12.dub mentor feat. Anna domino-“Johnny”.13.forever pavot-“les cigognes nenuphars”.14.tv on the radio-“quartz”.15.goldenberg&schmuyl-“g&s”.16.gil Scott heron&brian Jackson-“angel dust”.17.mind fair-“voodoo train”.18.rahsaan Roland kirk-“black root”.19.moving gelatine plates-“like a flower”.20.stefan ringer-“ify” feat. Afue.

21.karma kid-“intro feat.andneya triana/bird of prey”.22.run the jewels-“early”(feat. Boots).23.laurel halo-“ainnome”.24.in the chapel 88-“bete noire”.25.tame impala-“that s all for everyone”.26.the Jarvis street revue-“20 years(excerpt)+”sallys hymn(smokers funeral song).27.supersister-“spiral staircase”.28.the fallen angels-“I ll drive you from my mind”.29.the marmalade-“and yours is a piece of mine”.30.jason crest-“black mass”.

31.telegraph avenue-“sungaligali”.32.randy California-“devil”.33.the standells-“riot on sunset strip”.34.girls at our best!-“she flipped”.35.thomas leer&Robert rental-“monochrome days”.36.flue-“fancy free”.37.principles of geometry-“suntunnel oceanic”(drama floor rework)(excerpt).38.the valley and the mountain-“escape from Hamtramck”.39.o children-“heels”(mugwump instr. Rmx).40.virgo four-“I’ve loved you before”.

41.the central executives-“I wanna”.42.w.l/for disco only.43.henrik Schwarz-“unknown touch two”.44.pajaro sunrise-“the vision”(excerpt).45.alexander aurel-“lower fuller”.