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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 20/11/2018

1.david holmes-“ask Clarence”(from the movie soundtrack of mosaic)
2.hiroshi yoshimura-“blink”
3.denis frajerman-“herbes1”
4.david axelrod-“the school boy”
5.cliff Martinez-“keep it christmasy babe”((from the motion picture soundtrack hotel artemis)
6.moondog covers project with katia labeque david chalmin Massimo papillo Raphael seguinier-“elf dance”
7.jean louis sbille-“maxime moyaerts piano voyageurs fin »
8.peter gordon-« breakfast with rhys »
9.colin self-“survival”
10.lucrecia dalt-“tar”(jan jelinek rmx)
11.cat power-“horizon”
12.shy layers-“black and white”
13.thom yorke-“susprium”(from the movie soundtrack suspiria)
14.black merlin-“new guinea”feat.dr.lawrance blair
15.blaine reininger-“the dull sea”
16.marianne faithfull-“misunderstanding”
17.kevin ayers-“puis je”
18.connan moccasin-“con conn was impatient”
19.david Crosby-“glory”
21.dj krush-“sporadic meteor”feat.toshinori kondo
22.rejoicer-“neo drive knows you”
23.shakti with john mclaughlin-“two sisters”
25.primal scream-“call on me”
26.the residents-“spotted pinto queen”
27.oliver doerell and chris adams thesis 14-“ni maitre ni dieu”
28.bruce haack-« count your blessings »
29.lee scratch Perry-“your shadow is black”
30.escape ism-“the feeling s mutual”
31.mick ness-“ants”
32.gazelle twin-“glory”
33.marie Davidson-“the tunnel”
34.david august-“d angello “
35.blancmange-“gravel drive syndrome”
36.matthew dear-“horses” feat.tegan and sara)
37.the micronauts-“planete des singes(outro)
38.cypress hill-“put me in the ground”
39.domeinique Dumont-“sans cesse, mon cheri »
40.mr.fingers-« spy »
41.aviador dro-“nuclear si »
42.guerillia toss-“come up with me”
43.the beatles/George Harrison(esher demos)-“circles”
44. Steve miller band-“love s riddle”
45.the freeborne-“sadly acknowledged”
46.all them witches-“diamond”
47.death in Vegas-“honey”
49.john talabot-« 2the change”
50.be svendsen-“drop the gun”