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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 20/03/2018

1.benjamin wallfisch&hans Zimmer-“variation 15(Dunkirk)”(based on a theme by Elgar)
2.jonny greenwood-“endless superstition”(from the phantom thread motion picture soundtrack)
3.paul statham-“malleki”
4.stimming &lambert-“grande”
5.pep Llopis-“noches de cristal”
6.laszlo lhortobagyi-“mirage”
7.yo la tango-“shortwave”
8.ryuichi sakamoto-“full moon”(survive version)
9.anna von hausswolff-“the marble eye”
10.the acid-“marching”(from the film soundtrack the bomb)
12.jb dunckel-“space ago”
13.suzanne Kraft-“never heated”
14.d.k-“wise bird”
15.the mystic jungle tribe-“sunflares ascension”
16.insecure men-“buried in the bleak”
17.moby-“this wild darkness”
18.moody blues-“dear diary”
19.the association-“cherish”(live)
20.unknown mortal orchestra-“not in love we re just high”
21.family fodder-“like a yellow submarine”
22.khruangbin-“maria tambien”
23.thudercat-“inferno”(chopnotslop remix)
24.sly 5th ave-“California love” feat. Corey henry(edit)
25.sly and Robbie-“dirty flirty”
26.ross from friends-“john cage”(edit)
27.s-tone inc.-“limbe”
28.uniting of opposites-“vortex number 9”
29.jet harris&tom Meehan-“diamonds”
30.condor gruppe-“the orbit of sun&moon”
31.c cat trance-“dalbouka”(jd twitch rmx)
32.velly joonas-“stopp seisku aeg!”
33.bad stream-„already dark“
34.vono-„der zauberer“
35.alesia cosmos-„first funk”
36.the peanut butter conspiracy-“dark on you now”
37.essaie pas-“complet brouille”
38.keysha-“stop it!”
39.clarian-“under the gun”
40.mgmt-“when you die”
41.mark Renner-“more or less”
42.the xxxxxxxx-“practical song”(a supertramp cover)
43.modern eon-“euthenics”
44.car seat headrest-“bodys”
45.jimmy Hendrix-“mannish boy”(a muddy waters cover)
46.juju-“james dean”