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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 20/02/2018

1.the transcendence orchestra(aka anthony child&Daniel bean)-“upper windrush”
2.nils frahm-“fundamental values”
3.khruangbin-“a hymn”
4.saib-“marmaid dreams”
5.poppy ackroyd-“Luna”
7.robert Wyatt-“masters of the field”(from the film soundtrack le people migrateur, music by Bruno coulais)
8.susanna-“freight train”
9.mick ness-“im osten”
10.dagerlöff-“from the womb to the tomb”
11.nordso&theill-“velvet sky”
12.bandolero-“reves noirs”(instrumental)
13.prins Thomas-“London til lisboa”
14.al simones-“today s song”
15.ruf dug-“le rayon vert”
16.kuniyuki takahashi-“drawing seeds”
17.dawn people-“inner refuge”
18.dj oil-“brouillage”
19.forever pavot-“la soupe a la grelle »
20.the xxxxxxxx-« Doberman »
21.the liminanas-« dimanche”
22.dirtmusic-“bi de sen söyle”
23.the fool-“voice on the wind”
24.vox low-“trapped on the moon”
25.dilated pupils-“red eyes remi”
26.roxy music-“re-make/re-model”(bbc in concert 3/8/72)
27.cavern of anti-matter-“motion flow”
29.the belbury circle-“departures int.”
30.schlammpeitziger-“eklnlu Kong”
31.django Django-“fountains”
32.clarian –“under the gun”
33.russian linesman-“the trigan empire”(simon mills rmx)
34.plastique de reve-« i m a cliche edit service 87 »
35.charis dave and the drumheadz-« clear view » feat. Anderson poak
36.arcade fire-“comfort my sleng teng”(Geoff barrow mix)
37.richard Russell-“she said” feat.obangjayar,ibeyi,damon albarn&kamasi Washington
38.the baroques-“musical tribute to the Oscar mayer weiner wagon”
39.king gizzard and the lizard lizard-“inner cell”
40.rush – « heart full of soul”(a cover of the yardbirds/graham gouldman)
41.hookworms-“negative space”
42.novaks kapelle-“dim of the stars”
43.xenia bellayeva-“razor”