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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 19/04/16

1.Joe Acheson-“storms and foghorns”(radio edit)


3.moby-“homeward angel”

4.the oscillation-“lonely people”(drone mix)

5.blancmange-“st Paul’s”

6.niv ast-“it won’t leave me”

7.evangelist/gavin clark&toy drum-“the world that I created”

8.bob Dylan-“melancholy mood”

9.small faces-“the autumn stone”

10.andrew weatherall-“ghosts again”

11.robert wyatt&jo bogaert-“erup/peru”

12.pointe du lac-“the depths of the lake”


14.coil-“blue rats”

15.bibio-“gasoline&mirrors” feat.wax stag

16.the dandelion set-“dark doorway launderettes”


18.the love drones-“electric blue moon”

19.saib-“yu garden”



22.cat`s eyes-„chameleon queen“

23.carrot green-“marruero”

24.explosions in the sky-“colors in space”

25.barry adamson-“mr greed”

26.anti-matter cavern-“blowing my nose under close observation”

27.dj stingray 313-“lurker”

28.die wilde jagd-“jagd auf den hirsch“

29.cobby&mallinder-„vitamin c“(max pask dub)( can`s cover)

30.drewxhill-“bullets”(alan Fitzpatrick rmx)

31.francis lai-“young freedom”(golden rules rmx)

32.roots manuva-“iron shirt”

33.phife dawg-“bend ova”

34.eddie c-“from afar”

35.the liminanas-“prisunic”

36.derek&clive(aka Dudley moore&peter cook)-“nurse”

37.prince rama-“slip into nevermore”

38.shit robot-“end of the trail”

39.tom and his computer-“organ”

40.steeple remove-“invisible lights”

41.baker knight&the knightmares-“hallucinations”

42.hat&tie-“finding it rough”

43.django Django-“waveforms”(man of moon cover)

44.puscifer-“money shot”

45.primal scream-“mantra for a state of mind”

46.interpol-“my desire”(beyond the wizard`s sleeve re-animation rmx)