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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory 19/11/2019

1.luke abbott-“adjustment”

2.david august-“Florence”

3.brian eno-“bottomliners”

4.north sea radio orchestra-“o caroline”(a Robert wyatt cover)

5.M83-“taifun flory”

6.toshifumi hinata-“starashii yuhbokumin”

7.penguin café-“Pythagoras on line again”

8.cocoon(aka Christophe demarthe)-“romantic distorsion”

9.riff kitten-“sunset shore”

10.the white screen-“lukratsious”

11.amir buchbinder-“beyahad”

12.cult with no name-“fake nudes”

13.alessandro alessandroni-“personale”

14.mcgough&mcgear-“little bit of heaven”

15.znr-“solo un dia”

16.individual sensitivity-“Greece ambientale”

17.alif tree-“homemade icecream”

18.mike patton&jean claude vannier-« ballade c. 33 »

19.the kaplan brothers-« life&me »

20.mark lanegan band-“playing nero”

21.trentemoller-“one last kiss to remember”

22.telefon tel aviv-“standing at the bottom of the ocean”

23.metronomy-“walking in the dark”

24.cabaret Voltaire-“the single”

25.chris davis-“travelling light”

26.active ingredients-“the middle”(kaidi tatham rmx)

27.buffy sainte-marie-“poppies”

28.kak-“flowing by”

29.moon duo-“eternal shore”

30.the ant trip ceremony-“outskirts”

31.minimal compact-“raging souls”

32.chris britton(from the troggs)-“sit down beside me”

33.tyrnaround-“uncle jack”(a spirit cover)

34.don cherry-“surrender rose”

35.sun ra&his solar myth orchestra-“enlightenment”(live 92)

36.charlie megira-“direct exercise no.1”


38.singapore sling-“switchblade”

39.camera-“to the inside”

40.acid arab-“rajel” feat. Ammar 808


42 lapalux-“earth”

43.carter tutti void-“t.3.6”

44.moodymann- “ got me(coming back rite now)

45.“ inigo vontier -xuxu feat.xen”(roman flügel rmx)

46.four tet-“Lahaina moon”

47.robag wruhme-“veng tolep”(hit club version)

48.robert owens-“i`ll be your friend”(dead zone mix)

49.naum gabo-“raze”

50.system Olympia-“close to my nebula”