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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 19/06/2018

1.jason kolar-“corners”
2.pablo s eye-“that night together with her”
3.kenneth james Gibson-“far from home”
4.daniel avery-“days from now”
5.blaine l.reininger-“public transformation”
6.uniting of opposites-« mints »
7.wolfgang riechmann-“traumzeit”
8.fra lippo lippi-“love is a lonely harbour”
9.john prine-“summer s end”
10.lynn castle-“rose colored corner” with last Friday´s fire
11.rival consoles-“be kind”
12.egyptology – “wunder der schöpfung(merveilles de la creation)”
13.chris carter-“moon two”
14.laraaji – « meets la ras G »
15.cut chemist-« the lift part 2(the dream sequence) »
16.amen dunes-“l.a”
18.die wilde jagd-“2000 elefanten”
19.marvin pontiac(aka john laurie)-„i am not crazy“
20.dj koze feat. Roisin murphy-“scratch that”
21.jon hassell-“dreaming”
22.sly&Robbie,nils petter molvaer,eivind Aarset,vladislav delay-“European express”
23.family fodder-“sweet lesbian”
24.yasmine hamdan-“al jamilat”(matias Aguayo rmx)
25.minox-“purgatory”(prod. By steven brown)
28.laurent pernice-“les oiseaux”
29.viva la void-« death money »
30.the Langley schools music project-“space oddity”(a david bowie cover)
31.david bowie-“five years”(the blackout live in London 78)
32.dr.octagon-“flying waterbed”
33.powell st. john-“monkey island”
34.the seeds-“you took me by surprise”
35.art(aka pre-spooky tooth)-“supernatural fairy tales”
36.the devil s anvil-“shisheler”
37.raja zahr-“dabke”
38.joy division-“digital”
39.dead meadow-„rest natural“
40.king gizzard&the wizard lizard-„the last oasis“
41.demon fuzz-“hymn to mother earth”
43.sex judas-“candy darling”
44.simple symmetry-“too much fun in the temple of doom”
45.rey&kjavik-“seraswati”(armonica rmx)
46.dj koze-“baby(I much I lfo you)”