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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 19/02/2019

1.janek Schaefer-“what light there is tell us nothing(for Robert wyatt)”(excerpt)
2.tomako sauvage-“in some brighter sphere”(excerpt)
3.stubbleman-“moonstone beach”
4.cats eyes-“coat of arms”
5.julia kent-“sheared”
6.hauschka-“talking to my father”
7.ultramarine feat.anna domino-“signals into space”
8.philippe cohen solal feat. Marie modiano-“rue baudelaire »
9.bruce baubaker-« riley keyboard study »(version)
10.public service broadcasting-“the deep”
11.boy harsher-“cry fest”
12.cosey fanni tutti-“helly”
13.peggy lee-“black coffee”
14.gaussian curve-“impossible island”
15.dominique dumont-“quasi quasi”
16.michael chapman-“youth is wasted on the young”
17.the cinematic orchestra feat.heidi vogel-“a promise”(radio edit)
18.the cinematic orchestra feat.roots manouva-“a caged bird/imitations of life”
19.ambala feat.jones krag-“slow river”
20.unloved-“danger” feat. Barry woolnough
21.fred und luna-“blues im gepäck”
22.monta at odds feat. Your friend-« grasping infinity“
24.mercury rev feat. Susamme sundfor-“tobacco road”(john loudermilk cover)-(from bobbie gentrys the delta sweete revisted)
25.ekiti sound-“miss dynamite”
26.sands-“listen to the sky”
27.dantallian s chariot-“the madman running through the fields”
28.toy-“strangulation day”
29.the twilight sad-“i m not here (missing face)”
30.king gizzard&lizard wizard-“willoughby s beach”
31.nasmak-“Vaseline des artistes(oh, up my astronomical bank account)”
32.sequencer people-“police story”
33.minuit polonia-“adios”
34.sneaks-“highway hypnosis”
35.gudrun gut-“startup loch”
37.thigh paulsandra-“the goat owl”
38.finlay Shakespeare-“benedict canyon”
39.nicolas jaar-“fight”
40.saada Bonaire-“little sister”
41.lcd soundsystem-“I can t kick the feeling + I want your love”(chic cover)
42.minimal compact-“it takes a lifetime”(silver&curly maximal disco version feat. Hubert tubbs)
43.boy harsher-“fate”
44.ruins-“it s not too grand”
45.youkounkoun-i m a cliché edit service 94”
46.volta cab-“erotic assassin”