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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory – 19/01/2021

1.richard Norris-     water

2.okada takuro&duenn-       waterfront

3.elvis Costello-       byline

4.coil-     valeanozo

5.the amorphous androgynous-     physically I’m here, mentally far, far away

6.luke Howard-      light ascending feat. Shards

7.drew McDowall-     agalma vi

8.eartheather-      mercurial nerve

9.annette peacock-      the succubus

10.christian kjellvander-      cultural Spain

11.mark lanegan-      burn the flames

12.nancy Sinatra&lee hazlewood-     sand

13.shoq khan-      the world will end on Friday

14.larry heard-     winter winds&chills

15.jane weaver-      heartlow(radio edit)

16.aaron Frazer-      you don`t wanna be my baby

17.sault-       bow feat. Michael kiwanuka

18.oneohtrix point never-       the weather channel(excerpt)

19.jabu feat. Sunun-       lately

20.negativland-      I didn’t know I was dead

21.the crystals-      he hit me(and it felt like a kiss) PHIL SPECTOR R.I.P

22.matt Berry-      médicine

23.mort garson-      déjà vu

24.ryuichi Sakamoto-         kacha kucha nee

25.the avalanches feat. Jamie xx, neneh cherry&clypso-    wherever you go

26.spill gold-       oyster

27.paul McCartney-       slidin`

28.pink fairies-      do it

29.les biftics-      money&morals

30.the warlocks-     we don`t need money

31.mogollar-     düm

32.king gizzard&the lizard wizard-      odd life

33.yardbirds-     happenings ten years’ time ago

34.pointe du lac-      miyopo

35.african Project-      ethno beat

36.charles Webster-      secrets held

37.dj hell-      electrifying mojo

38.saskia-      sloppy  


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