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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 18/10/2016

1.biosphere-“you want to see it too”

2.grumbling fur-“sapien sapiens”

3.the orb-“wireless mk2”

4.soundwalk collective&jesse paris smith feat. Patti smith-“killer road”(nico text cover)

5.jon Hopkins-“after life”

6.the swan and the lake—“waiting for spring”

7.yair yona-“early in the morning”

8.nouvelle vague-“athol-brose”(a Cocteau twins cover)

9.octave noire-« nouveau monde »(radio edit)( a short excerpt)

10.yello-« magma »

11.modaji-« 17 »

12.nils bech-« sudden sickness »

13.nicolas jaar-“history lesson”

14.conner youngblood-“Sulphur springs”

15.grumbling fur-“heavy days”

16.planet funk-“inside all the people”(Harvey`s Ibiza sleepy mix)

17.the kinks-“sitting in my hotel”

18.mild high club-“homage”

19.hiss golden messenger-“like a mirror loves a hammer”


21.odd nosdam-“sisters”(boards of Canada rmx)

22.north sea radio orchestra-“the british road”(a Robert wyatt cover)

23.veronique vincent&aksak maboul-“ltken aina(i´m always crying)( a version by jaakko eino kalevi)

24.survive-“low fog”

25.trentemoller-“where the shadows fall”


27.franck ocean-“pink+white”

28.EVM 128-“twisted”(afro force rmx)

29.silver apples-“concerto for monkey and oscillator”

30.machinedrum-“spectrum sequence”

31.la femme-“le chemin”

32.eric powa b. feat. Samy birnbach-« pulsating mind reprise »

33.small faces-“i`m only dreaming”

34.moaning cities-“sex sells”

35.goat-“union of sun and moon”

36.the invisible-“love me again”feat.anna calvi(auntie flo`s marimba jam)

37.the mekons-“john barry”

38.sleaford mods-“t.c.r”

39.buzzcocks-“harmony in my head”

40.zyx-“bad manners”

41.zwischenfall-“sandy eyes”


43.ten fe`-„turn“(ewan pearson

44.playgroup-„better this way“feat. Mike z

45.rabo and snob-“cue finyl”

46.michael mayer-“action”


48.dubfire&kittin-“ride”(kittin`s ride)(excerpt)

49.dubfire&kittin-“ride”(dubfire`s ride)