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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory 18/08/15

1.ghost harmonic-“dispersed memory”

2.john beltran-“interlude/violin by sarah pechtel”

3.model alpha-“dimensions”

4.jose padilla-“remember me”

5.jack adkins-“American sunset”

6.king midas sound&fennesz-“waves”

7.alexander wirth-“beat 421”


9.jerusalem in my heart-“3anzah jaaba nah(sick,diseesed goat)

10.df tram –“night crawler”

11..public service broadcasting-“fire in the cockpit”

12.in fields-“omega”

13.adrien-“dirty knights&gang bangs”

14.seahawks-“paradise freaks”

15.disco halal vol.1-“palgey mayim”(autarkic edit)


17.kaeb-“when we fall”

18.aksak maboul-„odessa“

19.tame impala-„cause i`m a man »

20.janne schra-“ship”

21.peter sellers-“a hard day`s night”(beatles cover)

22.bob moses-“too much is never enough”

23.mild high club-“weeping willow”

24.gengahr-“bathed in light”

25.flako-“with me now”feat. Dirg garner

26.la priest-“mountain”

27.das komplex-« sometimes »

28.leonardo ceccanti-«( it`s a) long way

29.jacques bon&virgo four-“machine love”(orig.)

30.ryota o.p.p-“rain jazz”


32.the hollies-“draggin` my heels”(disco promo )

33.axel boman-“nokturn(grand finale)”

34.boot&tax-“red guitar”

35.prinzhorn dance school-“reign”(shit robot rmx)

36.majic ship-“nightmare”

37.vismets-“trees of liberty”

38.the alan bown-“toyland”

39.white witch-“parbrahm greeting”

40.laura logic-“music is a better noise”

41.sleaford mods-“cunt make it up”

42.sex pistols-“holidays in the sun”

43.serpent power-“dr.lovecraft`s asylum”

44.dominatrix-“the dominatrix sleeps tonight”

45.pink industry-“extreme”

46.severed heads-“greater reward”(piano power edit by j.d twitch)

47.weiss-“aladin anyebe”(orig.)