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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory 18/03/2020

1.daniel lopatin-“followed”
2.ryuichi sakamoto-“roma”(from the movie soundtrack the staggering girl)
3.leandro fresco/thore pfeiffer-“neo”
4.global communication-“4:02”
5.amon tobin-“long stories”
6.spirit&form-“seaside savour”
7.moses sumney-“doomed”
8.tricky feat. Anika-“lonely dancer”
9.cabane-“take me home” pt.2
10.shy layers-“midnight marker”
11.coil-“omlagus garfungiloops”
12.colin self-“once more”
13.mr. elevator-“bmobdingnag”
14.spc eco-“all in time”
15.alessandro alessandroni-“a day in the sun”
16.carmen villain-“impossible color”(yu su rmx)
17.dark arts-« the more thingsstay the same”
18.mike batt-“fading yellow”
19.caribou-“cloud song”
20.dijf sanders-“Lakshmi”
21.masumi hara-“futon making(excerpt)
22.the cinematic orchestra-“ to believe” feat. Moses sumney(Lucinda chua mix)
23.uzun havalar-“78 yilinin en uzun dak/kasi”
24.throbbing gristle-“convincing people” GENESIS P- ORRIDGE R.I:P
25.mcnzi-“into the void”(from the motion picture soundtrack yung)
26.lee ranaldo&raül refree-“words out of the haze”
27.califone-“snow angel” pt. 2
28.gil scott-heron-“new York is killing me”(reimagining by makaya mc craven)
29.jeff parker&the new breed-“ build a nest”(feat. Ruby parker)
30.jaga jazziest-“spiral era”(edit)
31.a tribe called quest-“the Donald”
32.tyler the creator-“new magic wand”
33.rejoicer-“pre-memory circle”
34.etienne jaumet-“ ma revelation mystique »(goes dub mix)
35.sunda arc-« everything at once »
36.kelton prima-“little purple prince”
37.andras-“saga of sweetheart”
38.portable-“it`s been long”(feat. Korus)