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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 17/11/15

1.anti-hero-“resurrection version 2”

2.anthony child(aka surgeon)-“midnight rain”

3.blond-ish-“it starts now”


5.tim Hardin-“misty roses”

6.douglas firs-“your only friend”

7.coil-“cold cell”

8.blue daisy-“you & me”

9.different fountains-“get up”


11.len leise-“leaving llucmajor”

12.the velvet underground-„i found a reason“(mono)

13.soulspace-“c`est la vie”(roh rmx)

14.kelpe-« doubles of everything »

15.floating points-“for marmish”

16.the sound capsule-“the prophet”(based on Bruce haack original i.f.o demo)

17.iglooghost-“mamatchi/usohachi” feat. Mr. yote

18.anchorsong-“oriental suite”

19.roots manuva-“don`t breath out »

20.3mustaphas3-“si vous passez par la` »

21.prince far i/singers&players-« calling over the distant sea »

22.rival consoles-“pre”

23.connan mockasin&devonte` hynes(aka blood orange)-« la fat fur »

24.harmonia-« proto deluxe »(at harmonia studio in forst(1975)

25.submotion orchestra-“dopplegenger”

26.larry gus-“belong to love”

27.hox(e.g lewis&karpeayd)-“goodbye”

28.das complex-“nowadays”

29.wolfran-“united 707”(orig.)

30.pepe bradock-“homo sandwichus”

31.human expression-“love at a psychedelic velocity”

32.magnet monster-“gods, punks and the everlasting twilight”

33.the pretty things-“ and I do”

34.bob Dylan-“I wanna be your lover”

35.visonia-“journey to humility”

36.silent corner-“number one”

37.luminance-“ the perfect blend”

38.positive noise-“feel the fear”

39.linda lamb&gipsy family-“ground punkrocked”

40.arbeid adelt-“niemandsland”

41.kelton prima-“ritalo frisco”

42.lawrence ledoux-„pollution“

43.claptone-„no eyes“ feat, jaw

44.youth stand up-“youth stand up”